God’s heart hurts like the day he closed and sealed the ark door – Steve Holmes – 444 Prophecy News


The Lord shared his heart with me today. Such wonderful, sweet, pure love. But there was more, for me and for you, Brethren.

He gave me just a little taste of his broken heart (you cannot imagine his pain) and said, “Today is like the day I closed and sealed the door on the ark. Millions and millions of people are now locked out, and my heart is crushed because of it. But it is too late. My judgments have begun: wickedness is unabated throughout the earth despite countless warnings to repent and prepare, and precious few have listened and taken appropriate action for their very survival. Everyone had to choose, and they did- and the unwise choices come at great cost. For many, the cost will be eternal.

The time you are in is going to be very, very, VERY hard for all, especially for my church. The pressure will be so great that even you will be tempted to renounce me.

Hold on to me tightly, keep your eyes clearly focused upon me and my promises to my church by you faith, day and night. Seek me continually.

Watch over my little ones, my precious lambs whom Satan desires to consume whole. They need you, my mature saints and intercessors, shepherds and watchmen to watch and pray over them lest they fall back into eternal darkness.

Love one another with self sacrificial love and remember that no man can snatch you out of my hand. Deeply difficult times and events are now upon you with times and situations of great darkness and despair that will appear hopeless without me. Depression, discouragement and moroseness will be everywhere because those without me will be alive but without hope because of the drastic changes brought by war, famine disease and death. Confusion will permeate everything. People are going to be completely overwhelmed by their circumstances and many will become so despairing of life that it will become commonplace for those who don’t know me to take their own lives. Sadly, many who do know me will also choose death in a vain attempt to end their pain, only to find that their pain is only beginning, as they turn from me and deny they ever knew me and take their own lives. As my word says, the end shall not come except their be a great falling away first. This is a tragedy that exceeds your ability to grasp. Just know that my heart breaks with incredible pain for those who will choose to be lost to me forever.

My children, it is time for my judgment to begin at my house. Persecution will follow you and many will be martyred for their testimony of my saving grace for them. But be of good cheer, for in such death is glory and eternal life in me, and I have already walked that path on your behalf at Calvary for your example and salvation. So endure until the end, my beloved ones, my beautiful, spotless bride- even until the end of your lives or until I take you home before I punish and cleanse this world of wickedness and the enemy of your souls.

Hold fast to what you have in me and to one another, that no man and no demon steal your crown, your robe of righteousness or my signet ring of power and authority which I have given you as your wedding ring for your marriage unto me, your loving bridegroom, Lord, God, King and Savior, who laid down his life out of my great and unwavering love for you.


Scripture reference: Revelation 6.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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