Watch “Will the IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL be REVIVED this Weekend? March 17-20, 2022” on YouTube

Steve Fletcher shares information related to the Iranian Nuclear Deal possibly being completed by the 20th, along with the connection to Judgement in Islam related to the 12th Imam.

March 20th is a significant date, as it ties to a date related to major events in the Bible according to Chuck Missler and matches a dream I had related to Mars and a Blood Moon, which I found occurred on March 20th/21st, 1447 BCE related to the Exodus. HIGH WATCH!!

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LUKE VARGAS: Negotiations to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have taken a major step forward after Russia relaxed sanctions related demands that have been seen as jeopardizing in agreement. Under the 2015 deal, Iran agreed to stop its NUCLEAR WEAPONS program, receiving in return international sanctions relief, including the ability to sell its oil to international markets. But the Trump administration took the US out of the accord and reimposed sweeping sanctions on Iran saying the accord was too weak. Now, after almost a year of on again, off again talks to revive the agreement, could a breakthrough be close at hand? I’m LUKE VARGAS from The Wall Street Journal, and I’m joined now by WSJ’s LAURENCE NORMAN. He’s been following the talks from Berlin. Laurence, welcome.

LAURENCE NORMAN: Nice to be with you.

LUKE VARGAS: Where are we now in these negotiations? It seems a significant sticking point has been removed, thanks to Russia here. Does that mean a deal is imminent?

LAURENCE NORMAN: I think a deal is very like its that happen in the coming days, possibly even by the Iranian New Year, which starts on Sunday. We really are now cleared for the US and Iran to resolve the final differences, which are over the exact sanctions that the US will lift. And if that’s resolved, then this could all be tied up very quickly.

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