Finally Mariupol for Kyiv: Russian ultimatum of surrender of the city – Military courts follow – WarNews247

The Russian Ministry of Defense handed over an ultimatum to Ukraine regarding the handover of Mariupol. The ultimatum is a few hours and ends early on Monday morning.

The Russian military leadership called on the nationalists in the city to hand over their weapons, noting that it would offer them a safe passage on Monday.

Thousands of Azov’s soldiers fear that “there will be no safe passage” and that they will be executed on the spot as soon as they surrender their weapons.

This development was expected as as WarNews247 had revealed early in the morning, the “Mariupol” issue was over with Azov’s forces being trapped.

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Mariupol, finally! – “You will come out dead or captive”: Thousands of Azov soldiers trapped in their last stronghold!

“Tradition or military court”
Ukraine is called upon to respond to the handover of Mariupol by early Monday, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The Mariupol authorities now have the opportunity to make a choice and go to the side of the people, otherwise the military tribunal that awaits them will be just too little in relation to what they deserve for their heinous crimes, which the Russian side documents very carefully, said the head of the National Center of Defense Administration of the Russian Federation, Colonel Mikhail Mizinchev.

“We are waiting for an official written response from the Ukrainian side before 5 a.m. tomorrow, that is, on March 21, in all the proposals of the Russian side for humanitarian corridors, in order to save the inhabitants of Mariupol and the infrastructure of the city “.

UpdateZelensky and Azov take thousands of innocents by the throat: They rejected the ultimatum in Mariupol!

The Ukrainian government and Azov’s order rejected last night the Russian ultimatum for the surrender of Mariupol.

This means that they take with them thousands of innocent citizens as they do not allow them to escape through humanitarian corridors.

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