“Green light” from the Russian people to Putin: “Do not hesitate – Use nuclear weapons if necessary”!- WarNews247


A poll conducted in Russia is a survey of the intention of the Russian people in view of major critical decisions that must be made for the future of the country.

The questions and answers are shocking as it seems that the Russian people are authorizing Russian President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons if deemed necessary by the country’s political and military leadership.

This is the first time that the Russian people have given the “green light” to the future use of the “nuclear trinity” to protect “national interests”.

Probably the Russian citizens have realized that Russia and NATO have entered the final phase of clearing accounts. NATO and EU countries will certainly not like the findings.

Poland is the No. 1 target
According to the poll, Poland is now Russia’s No. 1 target. This trend has long been taking shape with Warsaw realizing the magnitude of the danger and doubling its Army: From 150,000 to 300,000 due to Russian danger. In addition, it introduces after 30 years the basic military education in schools.

75.5% of Russians approve of the idea of a new military invasion and believe that the next target country after the “de-Naziization of Ukraine” should be Poland.

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