Watch “6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Taiwan” and a 6.7 Hits Mid-Atlantic Ridge on YouTube

DEVELOPING: Another huge solar flare has been ejected from the sun, could impact Earth in days disrupting power grid, 3rd eruption in one week

SuperDave44 shares a 6.9 hitting Taiwan with a Tsunami warning and I see another report of a 6.7 hitting the Mid-Atlantic Ridge! We are getting a burst of energy from the Sun.

Should be from a recent solar flare that launched out the Sun 24 hours ago! Expect more large Earthquakes to roll around the plate.

If a Tsunami hits Taiwan that would give China the element of surprise to attack. Brace yourselves for what’s coming!

There is expected to be another hit on the 23rd.

Space weather experts have spotted the Sun ejecting a large mass of particles and think this could hit Earth in the next few days. When ejections like this hit Earth’s magnetic field they can cause solar storms.

An ejection like this is known as a solar flare called a coronal mass ejection (CME). A CME is a huge expulsion of plasma from the Sun’s outer layer, called the corona. These expulsions shoot through space and can hit Earth. Fortunately, the solar storm predicted for this Wednesday, March 23 is only likely to be a “G1 minor”, meaning you probably won’t even notice it if it happens.

Experts at explained: “Another CME is heading for Earth, and it’s a little off-target. “A glancing blow (or near-miss) is possible during the late hours of March 23rd, according to NOAA forecasters.

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