Watch “NYC: 25,000 Facial Recognition Cameras” on YouTube (Coming to a City near You)

If you’re in New York City today, there’s a very good chance your face will be captured by surveillance cameras and run through facial recognition software. If you’re in a predominantly Black, Asian or Hispanic community in New York City, that chance is even greater.

That’s according to an Amnesty International study, which saw 7,000 volunteers from over 150 countries looking through Google Maps images of 43,400 intersections across New York City, marking each camera they could see. In total, they uncovered 25,000 cameras. Brooklyn was the most heavily populated with cameras across the boroughs, with 9,230, followed by Queens at 7,580. The research is an expansion on Amnesty’s CCTV tracking project that previously found 15,000 cameras across New York City.

The news comes after the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), in August last year, slammed the NYPD’s purchase of more than $277 million in secret surveillance equipment that had previously been hidden from the public. The contracts were “hidden” in the Special Expenses program, “a controversial secrecy agreement that was terminated ,” STOP said. The NYPD has historically been one of the more active users of facial recognition. In 2020, it emerged via STOP that the police department had carried out 22,069 facial recognition searches over the previous three years.

The NYPD hadn’t responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Some parts of the U.S. have laws around police use of facial recognition, though there have been no outright bans across a single state. In Maine last year, in what The Verge reported as being the most stringent regulations, police were banned from using the technology unless they can show probable cause an unidentified person was committing a serious crime.

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