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Update(9:01ET): Russia on Monday has issued a firm and unyielding response to G-7 ministers who had dismissed as “unacceptable” its plan to only accept ruble payments for Russian gas going to “unfriendly” nations.

Earlier Monday German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said from Berlin that the Kremlin demand for natural gas contracts to be paid in rubles is a “one-sided and clear breach of contracts” – saying the contracts must be honored under prior conditions, according to Bloomberg. “That means that a payment in rubles is not acceptable and we urge the relevant companies not to comply with Putin’s demand,” Habeck said. “Putin’s effort to drive a wedge between us is obvious but you can see that we won’t allow ourselves to be divided and the answer from the G-7 is clear: the contracts will be honored.”

The Kremlin’s quick shooting down of the German economy minister’s comments and the G-7’s stance on the ruble came Monday via a Russian lawmaker to state-run RIA Novosti: “Russian lawmaker Abramov says G7’s refusal to pay in Russian roubles for gas will definitely lead to a halt in supplies

The EU is in dire straits as it refuses to pay for Russian gas supplies in rubles, with Qatar warning that the replacement of Russian gas. it is not practically possible.

The unbelievable American and German regressions create a huge problem in the EU as both Germany and the USA did not take care in time for the EU to become independent from the Russian FA. via the East-Med pipeline.

Even the US LNG can not meet the needs of the EU. There are already voices within the US talking about “unfulfilled Biden promises and simple statements of intent.”

Qatar: We can not replace the Russian FA.
Qatari Energy Minister Saad Sherida al-Kaabi clarified his country’s position speaking to US media outlets such as CNN and CNBC:

“It’s always nice to be wanted. Everyone in Europe is talking to us, but replacing the supply of Russian gas is not yet practically possible.

The transition will be difficult. Replacing Russia’s gas supply to Europe “is practically impossible”.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorized the government, the central bank, and Gazprombank to take the necessary steps to switch all payments for Russian natural gas from “unfriendly states” to rubles starting March 31.

The measure targets “member states of the EU and other countries that have introduced restrictions against citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities,” the mandate published on the Kremlin website reads.

Russia will stop shipping natural gas to countries refusing to settle payments in rubles, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

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