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Honiara (AFP) – The Solomon Islands’ prime minister said Tuesday that a contentious security agreement with Beijing was “ready for signing”, denying reports that his country had been pressured to allow a Chinese naval base to be built in the Pacific island nation.

Australia, the United States and New Zealand are in a state of disarray following the leak of a “bomb” to a Chinese base in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, which will allow the Chinese military machine to hit targets within 15 minutes.

The agreement shifts the balance of power in the Pacific region and dramatically changes the situation.

It will be the first time that Australia has a strategic opponent close to its shoreline since World War II.

Australian analysts and government officials are calling for “an invasion in order to overturn the military agreement before it is too late”.

The China-Solomon Islands agreement enables Beijing to acquire a US-Australia military base of operations and to block navigation in the South Pacific.

Former New Zealand Minister of Defense Wayne Mapp stressed that ” this agreement brings the South Pacific in the middle of a conflict of the Great Powers”.

Australia: “Preparing for invasion”

Australia must be willing to invade the Solomon Islands and overthrow its government if necessary to stop a proposed security pact between China and the Pacific nation.

This was supported by David Llewellyn-Smith, co-founder of MacroBusiness and former owner of Asia Diplomacy’s leading foreign affairs magazine The Diplomat.

He emphasized that the “Cuban Missile Crisis in Australia” and warned that a Chinese naval base in the Solomon Islands would be “the effective end to our sovereignty and democracy”.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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