Gazprom is leaving Germany! -German media: “Fears of the worst crisis since the end of FP2” – WarNews247

Russian ultimatum to Greece: “You have 15 days – After gas end” – What Gazprom says in the letter

Gazprom’s departure from Germany raises concerns and fears.

Step by step, Germany is monitoring Russia’s moves in the energy field and the pressures it exerts on the German gas market, as the country is more than 50% dependent on Russian gas.

In an interview with the Rheinische Post, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said: “The federal government is currently making very careful weightings to prevent a bigger evil.”

These weightings are now made day by day literally. The Bonn-based regulator monitors the adequacy of gas reserves and assesses the situation on a daily basis by informing Berlin.

At the same time, after the short announcement of the Russian Gazprom that it is leaving the German market, thus leaving the subsidiary Gazprom Germania, in which it is the sole shareholder, everyone is trying to decode this move and evaluate its consequences.

There are no official reactions yet, but the government, industry and experts are watching the development closely, while according to information, the possibility of its nationalization has been considered for at least a few days now.

Germany: Perhaps the worst economic crisis since the end of World War II

According to energy expert Fabian Huneke, who spoke to the German news agency, Gazprom’s move is currently being interpreted as pressure on Germany to renegotiate new gas contracts with Russia.

It is even estimated that Russia is ready to “sacrifice” Gazprom’s natural assets (gas storage facilities, pipelines, transport infrastructure, etc.) on German soil, losing its subsidiary in order to “play” the Kremlin’s energy game.

For his part, the head of the leading German chemical industry BASF Martin Brundemiller estimates according to Tagespiegel that serious problems in the flow of gas in Germany could lead to unprecedented losses in heavy industry leading the German economy to its worst crisis since World War II.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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