Serious development – Germany puts Gazprom under state control – Russia: The EU seizes with N / S the entire network of pipelines & storage of VAT. – WarNews247

A serious Russia-Germany-EU crisis has erupted over a European Commission legislative initiative seizing Russian assets, warehouses and gas facilities across Europe.

Berlin has already placed the Russian company Gazprom under state control and is hosting 40 Russian diplomats

German media report that the deportation of 40 Russian diplomats is only the first “wave”.

The German newspaper Bild reported that the country’s authorities are preparing to deport about 100 Russian diplomats as they may work for the Russian secret services.

Gazprom is under German state control
More specifically, Gazprom Germania – the subsidiary of the Russian energy giant in Germany – came under the control of the Federal Grid Service – according to a decision of the Minister of Economy and Climate, Robert Habeck.

According to the Minister of Greens, the ministry made this decision based on the law on foreign trade.

The German minister explained that the Federal Network Service would take over the operation of Gazprom Germania for a transitional period, to ensure the proper management of the company.

“We are aware of the responsibility for the safe supply of natural gas that this project entails,” explained Klaus Mueller, president of the Network Service.

“Our goal will be to manage Gazprom Germania in the interests of Germany and Europe. We want to take all necessary measures to continue the guaranteed supply. “In this sense, the activities of Gazprom Germania and its subsidiaries should continue in a controlled manner,” said Mueller.

Last week, the Gazprom Group announced that it was ending its stake in its German subsidiary, Gazprom Germania.

Gazprom Germania is wholly owned by Gazprom Export, which in turn is wholly owned by Gazprom.

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