Russians & Serbs prepare for military operation: “Kosovo will return to Serbia – Bondsteel base to be destroyed” – WarNews247

Kosovo, Bosnia call for NATO membership as war rages in Ukraine
In interviews with Al Jazeera, Kosovo’s president and Bosnia’s defence minister share their concerns about regional security and Moscow-friendly Serbia.

“In the hands of A. Vuτςi βρίσκεται is the reunification of Serbian territories.” The bomb was dropped by Russian media hours after the Serbian president was re-elected and three pro-Russian parties entered the Serbian parliament.

This loosens the hands of both Moscow and A. Vuςis, who will receive broad political support from the Serbian Parliament for military operations.

Russian media are already paving the way for a new round of conflict. They emphasize that “it is vital for Moscow that the Americans leave the region and that the Bondsteel base be destroyed” and explain the reasons.

The Serbian Army, with the assistance of Russian military advisers, is already showing strong mobility on the border with Kosovo following the latest incidents. Serbian forces stationed on the border with Kosovo, in Raska and Novi Pazar, are still on high alert.

Romania Issues Potassium Iodide Pills To Citizens As War In Neighboring Ukraine Rages

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Sudden crisis – Serbia: “Kosovo wants a new war – Decided to attack” – Military forces are developing!

“Kosovo will return to Serbia”
Russian media specifically report:

“In the near future, Kosovo may return to Serbia

The victory in the presidential election of the current leader of Serbia, Aleksandar Vuτςiτς, could be a milestone for this country. If Vucic continues to follow the example of the United States and its EU allies, abandon the vague prospect of joining the European Union and build a competent foreign and domestic policy, he will be able to return Kosovo to its homeland, which In 2008, states without principles were “deprived” of Serbia.

The triumph of historic justice in Serbia is possible thanks to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. With the completion of the special operation in Ukraine, NATO will most likely cease to exist (after all, in Ukraine it is the Alliance that fights against Ukrainians and Russians). And that means that the “NATO war trophy”, which the states call Kosovo, will return home – to Serbia.

“Thanks” to the US occupation of Kosovo and the construction of the US military base Bondsteel, the civil war in Ukraine began in 2014, although it would be more accurate to say that it was a war of neo-Nazi Ukrainians against the rest of the country.

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