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The Russian Army and Donetsk forces have entered and are now controlling the Port of Mariupol, the penultimate stronghold of Azov’s forces after Azovstal.

And here begins another thriller as there is information about a second group of trapped NATO officers.

The war in Mariupol is coming to an end. The Russians now control 98% of the city. Azovstal remains. The fate of the industrial complex will be decided at a meeting of the Commanders of the military formations that take part in the Mariupol operation.

The possibility of the Russians completely destroying the industrial complex by launching FAB 3000 bombs is open. Although this is not their priority.

NATO Officers in the Port of Mariupol?

The Russians now control 3/4 of the port of Mariupol. Control of these areas, including the development points of Ukraine’s naval border guard forces, allows the Russians not only to advance deeper into the city along the west coast, but also to better control the airspace.

The Russians report that ” from this direction, Ukrainian helicopters tried to enter Mariupol several days ago to evacuate Azov leaders and NATO military forces.”

The entry of enemy aircraft into Mariupol from the sea is almost impossible.

And this creates an additional problem for the trapped NATO forces ”!

The Russians claim that several NATO intelligence officers who had previously arrived in Mariupol under the guise of private military companies are trapped in the southern part of Mariupol – both in the port and in Azovstal.

It seems that they tried to escape and split into two or more groups.

These forces are now trapped as the territories of Mariupol, which were previously controlled by the Ukrainian border guards, came under the control of units of the Russian forces.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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