Russia Ultimatum to NATO: “Kaliningrad Siege Caused War”: 20 Su-27 & Su-24 in Suwalki Corridor strike missions – WarNews247

Peace in the Baltic hangs in the balance, with Russia directly threatening Poland-Lithuania and NATO war if the border is closed and the Kaliningrad enclave is closed.

According to information, Moscow has sent an ultimatum to the NATO Command not to cross the “red line”. The messages he has been sending in the last week are worrying.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grusko warned European countries that any action to block the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad would be a “game of fire.”

Russian analysts and military experts stress that “in the event of the blockade of the Kaliningrad enclave, Russia has no choice.” This fact was highlighted by WarNews247 from the beginning.

The question now is whether NATO wants to push Russia to attack Poland-Lithuania as a result of opening a new front. And so war with NATO itself.

“Russia will defend the region”

“Ukraine demands that Poland and the Baltic states completely close their borders with Russia. If they do, then the Kaliningrad region will be on land. In Vilnius and Riga they are talking seriously about the possibility of closing the borders. What steps will Moscow take in this case to lift the NATO blockade of its territory?

The first vice-president of the international commission of the Russian Federal Council, Vladimir Jabarov, expressed the hope that the West “will have the mind” not to exclude the Kaliningrad region, since in this case Russia will defend its territory.

According to Jabarov , Western countries are now investigating the situation. However, “if there is an embargo, as they say, the Soviet Union knows how to open embargoes, we have a lot of experience.”

A matter of humanitarian intervention!
“If they want to bring us to the point of forcing us to open this blockade to save the lives of our people who live there, we can,” he said.

“I really hope that common sense in Europe will not allow games to be played around Kaliningrad. “I think many people understand that this is a game of fire,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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