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The war in Ukraine is taking on a global dimension. Information coming from Britain and the Middle East speaks of a large operation to transport weapons systems and ammunition from Iran to Russia.

Since Iran has set up a network of Russian aid with ammunition, this means that China has also sent weapons to Russia through Serbia. That’s all 12 ferocious Y-20A transmissions.

The news is terribly interesting for both NATO and Israel.

“Iran sends weapons to Russia”

“RPGs, various anti-tank missiles, as well as MLRS Astros II from Brazil, have been sent to Russia from Iraq,” British media reported.

Russia is reportedly receiving ammunition and military equipment from Iraq with the help of Iranian arms smuggling networks.

This was reported by members of the Iranian-backed Iraqi Shiite militia and regional intelligence services with knowledge of the process.

It is reported that up to an Iranian-made Bavar 373 anti-aircraft system, similar to the Russian S-300, has been sent, according to a source who helped organize the transport. (Maybe the Iranians want to do some testing in real battle conditions.)

Moscow is forced to rely on Iran, its military ally in Syria, following new sanctions sparked by the invasion of Ukraine.

Developments also have a huge impact on the direction and volume of trade in the international arms trade.

“How the transfer was made”

Iraq has hosted US and Western troops since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and the United States has trained and supplied various Iraqi and special forces units to defend the Baghdad government. After two decades of war, the country is full of weapons.

Much of the weapons have passed into the hands of Iranian-backed Shiite militias who oppose the US presence in the country, but have been formally integrated into the Iraqi armed forces since 2016 as part of the fight against Islamic State.

RPGs and anti-tank missiles are in the possession of Hashd al-Shaabi, the most powerful Shiite militia.

The weapons were transported to Iran via the Salamja border crossing on March 26, where they were received by the Iranian army.

“They were then transported to Russia by sea,” said a military commander of the militia that controls the crossing.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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