Rapid escalation of the war – US to Ukraine: “Beat targets in Crimea-Donbass – Decimalize the Russians” – WarNews247


Rapid escalation is expected in the wider region as the Americans have for the first time ordered strikes against Russian targets inside Crimea and the Donbass territories in Donetsk-Lugansk.

For this reason, the Pentagon and the US military leadership will provide all the necessary weapons to the Ukrainians as well as real-time information to be able to hit Russian targets.

The Americans are raising the level of crisis and war with Russia. Never before has there been talk of a “Ukrainian attack on Crimea-Donbass.”

The goal is to inflict heavy Russian losses and drag Russia into a long-running war with the ultimate goal of “decimating the Russians and never reorganizing

“Hit targets in Crimea-Donbass”

“The US government will provide information and weapons to Ukraine that will help it hit targets in Crimea and the occupied territories of Donbass.”

This was reported by Pentagon military sources.

“The United States has increased the flow of information to Ukraine. The information will allow the Ukrainians to carry out more effective counterattacks against Russian forces in Donbas-Crimea and predict the movement of Russian troops.

This means that the US will expand the information it shares with Ukraine to respond to the changing tactical situation and the relocation of Russian forces to the South and East.

Since the beginning of last week, the United States has increased the exchange of information with Ukraine, so that the Ukrainian administration can respond quickly to enemy maneuvers and effectively suppress Russian attacks with artillery, drones and other weapons.

That is why the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is developing guidelines for exchanging information with Ukraine, and the Pentagon is issuing a parallel document for military pilots.

So far, the United States has shared information with Kiev about Russian capabilities in Donbass and Crimea, but has not provided information on targets that would allow the Ukrainian military to retaliate in retaliation for Russian-occupied territory. 2014

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