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The phrase “crossing the Rubicon” is an idiom that means that one is passing a point of no return. Its meaning comes from allusion to the crossing of the Rubicon by Julius Caesar in early January 49 BC.

An alarm has been sounded at NATO Headquarters and in Washington as a specific message has been sent from Moscow for “bombing of a military phalanx even inside NATO territory”.

The threat is considered, and is, extremely serious and has been sent separately, immediately after the Russian step in Washington with which Moscow warned of “global consequences”.

The message was sent by Andrei Kortunov, Director General of the Council on Foreign Relations of Russia. That is, from the No. 1 research organization that determines the Kremlin’s foreign policy.

We are probably at the last level of Russian warnings: Putin preceded first, followed by Medvedev-Ryabkov, then Russian state media which spoke of “World War III” and now Kortunov’s clear warning.

In Washington, it is believed that Kortunov, because of his role, made a public statement that he would never have made otherwise. So he has been informed directly by the Kremlin and he knows something

This has sounded the alarm in NATO, in Poland-Romania as well as in other countries directly involved in the shipment of ammunition to Ukraine.

“Russia has warned”
US media reveals:

Shocked by the war losses and the mobilization of troops for a new battle in eastern Ukraine, Russia has warned the Biden government to stop supplying advanced weapons to Ukrainian forces or face “unpredictable consequences” .

The Russian message – part of a series of warnings – was included in an official protest note issued in the United States on Tuesday. The message signaled Moscow’s growing concern that the weapons were seriously hampering Russia’s military capabilities.

The message was revealed as the Kremlin gathers weapons and forces on Russia’s border with eastern Ukraine for the next phase of the operation.

During the war, the US government provided increasingly heavy weapons to the Ukrainians – including 155mm artillery. As the conflict escalated, Biden announced a new $ 800 million arms package.

In February, as the war began, the US administration was concerned that such weapons could provoke Russia unnecessarily. But after pressure from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and members of Congress from both parties, the Biden government decided to provide some of the heavy weapons Ukraine needed for the next phase of the war.

The Russian warnings came as the invasion met with unexpectedly fierce Ukrainian resistance and revealed weaknesses in Russia’s conventional armed forces.

President Vladimir Putin has appointed a new military administration for the war in Ukraine. Russia’s targets when its army invaded on February 24 seemed far more ambitious, with plans to besiege and occupy the capital, Kyiv, to the north, cutting off Zelensky’s government from the rest of the country.

This strategy failed.

In addition, Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the cruiser Moskva, sank on Thursday when it was hit by two Ukrainian Neptune missiles and not by accidental fire and explosion during a storm, as the Kremlin has claimed.

It was the first US confirmation of Ukraine’s claims that Neptune missiles – a newly developed weapon with a range of 190 miles – had hit the ship 65 miles south of the port of Odessa.

The loss of Moskva was more than a humiliation, as it could now seriously damage the Kremlin’s plans for an amphibious attack on the southern coast of Ukraine. The loss also raised questions about Russian sovereignty over Ukrainian airspace and Moskva’s apparent inability to avoid or intercept the Poseidons with its own defense systems.

A US official said US intelligence estimates had shown an unidentified number of casualties, in contrast to Russian claims that all crew members had been safely evacuated.

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