Britain threatens to use non-NATO nuclear weapons – Russia locates SAS forces in Ukraine: “Your island is the No. 1 target” – WarNews247

British SAS forces have entered Ukraine, Russian media reported, noting that they are experts in sabotage operations and guerrilla warfare.

Their goal is to carry out attacks in Crimea, southern and eastern Ukraine on Russian-controlled territories.

Moscow is threatening to say that this could be considered an official entry of Britain into the war against Russia.
Russia-Britain tensions have escalated in the last 48 hours, with Johnson threatening Russia with non-NATO nuclear weapons.

Russia: London enters the war against us
“The appearance of the British SAS special forces in Lviv can be considered as a direct entry of London into an armed conflict with Russia,” Russian sources emphasize.

And they add:

“London continues to show pure hostility towards Moscow. Great Britain sent military forces to the territory of Ukraine.

We are talking about at least 24 members of the special forces of the well-known SAS of the United Kingdom Armed Forces.

Britain: Threatens with nuclear weapons without NATO approval

In an unusual move, the British Prime Minister, M. Johnson, threatened a nuclear attack without NATO approval.

In particular, Johnson Boris announced that the United Kingdom is considering launching a nuclear strike without coordinating the move with other partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

Mr Johnson did not disclose the reasons for his decision to pursue a nuclear strike without NATO approval, but the British prime minister’s statement came amid successful tests of Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile and the deployment of British forces in Britain. .

This has caused concern in the United Kingdom as according to British experts, this missile alone is enough to destroy an area of about 250 thousand square kilometers.

“In the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the United Kingdom reserves the right to retaliate on its own, without consulting other NATO countries,” said Boris Johnson.

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