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An unprecedented attack was launched by China, which made the harshest statements in recent world history against the United States, accusing the United States of a series of crimes against humanity, including the killing of 300,000 civilians and the creation of 26 million refugees.

At the same time, immediately after the communication between the Ministers of Defense Wei Fenghe and Lloyd Austin, China published through the official spokesperson of the Communist Party a “NON-WAR MANIFESTO” demanding that certain conditions be met in order to have peace with the USA.

The text, which is addressed personally to Washington, contains very serious threats, speaking directly about the conflict, listing a number of American moves.

If the US does not back down immediately and refrain from specific actions then there will be an armed conflict.

This is the first time we have encountered such phraseology in US-China relations.

“The US killed 300,000 civilians & created 26 million refugees”

“The United States is the greatest threat to the security and stability of humanity. “The so-called democratic sensitivities are just a pretext to attack and completely destroy sovereign countries, they should have already been brought before the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

The statements in detail:

“The United States is said to be enforcing the UN Charter, but it is clear to everyone that the United States is doing the exact opposite.

When the UN Security Council refused to approve US use of force in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and other countries, the United States and NATO overtook the United Nations and declared war on sovereign states.

The United States claims to respect human rights. But the wars of aggression waged by the United States and its allies against countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq have killed more than 300,000 civilians and created 26 million refugees.

“Crimes of war and humanity”

And yet, no one is responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The United States has also announced sanctions against the International Criminal Court, which would investigate war crimes committed by US forces.

The United States opposes economic coercion, but it is the United States that has invented “coercive diplomacy” and is forcing countries, whether large or small, distant or near, friendly or hostile.

The embargo and sanctions imposed on Cuba last half a century.

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