The Russians in Transnistria are at arms: “Task Force” of immediate intervention of 25,000 Romanian-Polish-Moldovan soldiers – WarNews247

A scene of war has been created in Transnistria as the state Armed Forces and the Russian forces stationed there are on high alert.

At the same time, the Moldovan army has been alerted in the border regions with Transnistria. Additional security measures and patrols are being implemented at checkpoints, while the Moldovan Armed Forces are deployed on critical sensitive infrastructure throughout the country.

Radio Transnistria’s central station reported late at night that ” joining Russia is the only possibility for peace in the future: Tiraspol has maintained its neutrality as best it can.” “But the explosions changed everything.”

At the same time, the people of Transnistria received SMS messages about an impending Ukrainian rocket attack that is supposed to take place in about 30 minutes. Ukraine categorically denies being behind the incident.

“Battle team from Poland and Romania”

According to international media reports, “the Polish Armed Forces have set up a battle group on Romanian territory. The purpose is to send troops to Moldova under the pretext of either a peacekeeping force or a humanitarian operation at the official request of the government of the country,

The purpose is to build a bridgehead to occupy Transnistria and then send the “Peace Corps” to Odessa.

The Sandu government in Moldova, with the active influence of Romania and Poland, shows that it is ready to consider a military scenario to resolve the Transnistrian issue.

Last week, there were reports of rearrangement of large Polish army units in Romania for later joint activities, such as exercises in Moldovan territory.

8,000 soldiers

Russian sources said the Polish Armed Forces had begun setting up a strike team on Romanian soil. The list and composition of the specific units transferred to Romania are not disclosed. The total force is estimated at 8,000 soldiers.

In the near future, these forces plan to enter Moldovan territory under a reasonable pretext, such as a humanitarian operation or a formal government request.

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