They will turn off the “switches” in Japan: Russia & China against Japan – Explosion in a project of highest energy security – WarNews247

A new front between Russia and Japan opens in the Pacific after a very strange explosion that took place at the power plant, on the island of Sakhalin, which supplies, among other things, the Russian Far East.

Sakhalin is a Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean, north of Japan. It has an area of 72,492 square kilometers and belongs to the homonymous region.

For days now, Russia’s Sakhalin Island has been one of the main topics of discussion in Moscow. Sakhalin Island is a top energy security issue for Japan.

Sakhalin-2 is an oil and gas project on the island. It is managed by Sakhalin Energy. The controlling share (50% plus one share) belongs to Gazprom. Japan’s Mitsui has 12.5% of the shares and Mitsubishi 10%. Most of the LNG produced under the project is shipped to Japan.

Nikkei Asia: Japan fears Russia-China “gas alliance” in Sakhalin

“Japan fears that Russia and China will expand their cooperation to Sakhalin,” Nikkei Asia said a few days ago.

“Tokyo is concerned about the fact that some Chinese companies have started negotiations with the Anglo-Dutch company Shell. We are talking about buying its share in the Sakhalin-2 LNG project.

Japan is dependent on the island of Sakhalin

Japan depends on the Sakhalin-2 project: of the 10 million tonnes of LNG produced there annually, about 60% is shipped to Japan. Russia accounts for 10% of total LNG imports to Japan.

China’s emergence in this economic chain may ultimately deprive the Rising Sun Country of a valuable resource, analysts say.

In their opinion, Western companies will not buy a stake in Shell due to anti-Russian sanctions, so the most likely candidates for the shares are Chinese or Russian companies.

In the long run, the Japanese side is in danger of having problems.

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