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It’s not just a coincidence that the Australian Secretary of Defense said about the impending conflict with China as it is revealed that the US and Britain proceeded to plan an emergency in case of war with Beijing over Taiwan.

Everything shows that we are in the final stretch as Beijing convened an emergency meeting with domestic and foreign banks to discuss how they could protect the country’s assets from US sanctions.

The cause is the impending invasion of Taiwan.

US-UK emergency plans for Taiwan

The United States has held high-level talks with Britain on how to work more closely together to strengthen Taiwan’s deterrence and to investigate, for the first time, emergency plans in the event of war.

Emergency plans – Confidential information presented

One of the officials said that the meeting on Taiwan covered everything from how the United Kingdom could strengthen Taipei more diplomatically to talks on strengthening deterrence in Asia.

It also included talks on the role that Britain would play if the US ended up in a war (!) With China over Taiwan.

The official added that the Biden government had provided some allies with information about Taiwan, formerly known as “NOFORN” – a name that prohibits the exchange of information with foreign officials.

A British official said the meeting was “at a high level” and the “most important” discussion between the two countries on Taiwan to date. He said it was part of a “deeper political dialogue” that began during the Biden administration.

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