5/3/22@6:10PM When I Strike, I Move…The Destroyer Strikes and Moves Word (Blow East Wind!)


Prophetic Dreams and Visions from my lovely Jesus shares a Warning Execution Word from the Lord Jesus Christ how the destroyer has come and moves when Jesus moves and strikes when he strikes. This is a continued Word from Why Are You Not Seeking Me For Your Answers Word 4/30/22@1:44PM (The Destroyer Released- A Black Day)

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5/3/22@6:10PM When I Strike, I Move…The Destroyer Strikes and Moves Word

On 4/29/22 I was given a word to share to the Burning Bride Ministires Fellowship platforms that said this. “It’s a black day in your world tomorrow.”

On the next day, during the word “Why Are You Not Seeking Me for Your Answers Word? 4/30/22 @1:44PM” Jesus gave the rest of the warning to me to share with all. This warning is “It’s a black day in your world tomorrow… The destroyer has been released!!!” Since this time there has been multiple occurrences that my lovely Jesus has given warning to me relating to this event and now, I have been instructed by the Holy Spirit it’s time to share these journal entries.

This word is a combination of small entries and larger ones but they are pertaining to the same warning. Please pray about all these things in Jesus’ name.


“You’re grieved Holy Spirit!”

“I am Daughter of Fatih, of Grace and of Mercy!”

“I feel a heaviness, a great heaviness!”

“It is the presence of the destroyer. He has arrived!”

“What does this mean for us Jesus?”

“Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, it means death! Death for many, many people.”


A weeping and wailing for what is to come. Yes, children, yes. This is what I call you to do. Weep for your lost. Travail for the lost. Cry out! Cry out now!

The destroyer has come…has come! Death is here!

But my children, those who trust me, my blood is enough to protect you. Apply my blood to your heart always and let me protect you my little children. I am no respect of person. I protected my children of Israel; I shall surely protect those engrafted too and I do so out of love.

Cry aloud! Cry aloud! Weep and wail for those who still stubbornly refuse to return to me for I strike! My aim is true! But all things I do, I do out of love for all.


I strike! I strike! I strike true at the heart of sinners! It’s time to grieve! It’s time to cry! Cry out loud! Run through the streets with wailing. Lay aside your gay apparel and put on sackcloth and ashes. Come to me in weeping and wailing in repentance of heart. Judgment has come! All that I have warned you about has now come to reside on your earth no longer just birthed in the spirit realm.

I was awakened repeatedly on this morning by my lovely Jesus with these words that continued throughout the whole day of May 2, 2022.


“I strike! I strike true! It has begun!”

“What has begun Lord Jesus?”

“The axe…the axe strikes! It strikes true. The axe has been laid to the root and has begun in its striking. I strike! I strike true! The destroyer takes his place on front stage Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy! I strike! I strike!


I strike! I strike Daughter! I strike!

It has begun! It has begun!

Death waits for no one!

The destroyer has come riding on a pale horse no longer restrained by the Father’s strong hand.

I move…he moves! I strike…he strikes. It has begun.


I strike!

My arm is true!

I strike all!

My strike is true!

A time…A sequence…A releasing…A beginning!

I strike Daughter this night, this day!

I strike true!


Daughter, Daughter, Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, I strike true!

The destroyer has come! He has indeed arrived!

The bidding of the Father he does at my command!

I strike! I move and my bidding he does!

I do my Father’s will.

The destroyer has come!

Judgment has come!

The destroyer has arrived.

Weep my children! The time of Rachel’s sorrow is upon you.

I strike!

I strike, but Daughter, Daughter, Daughter, I warned! I warned! I warned!

I strike now!

I strike true and so does the destroyer at my command, because I do my Father’s will!


Daughter, I strike!

My aim is true!

Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy I strike!

My aim…oh my daughter is true!

The sequence has been set in order this night, this day as I strike!

My hand of power and might has been displayed this night, this day as I strike.

I move Daughter, I move!

As I move, the destroyer moves.

As I strike, he does so strike, because I command all at the orders of my Father.

All power has been given unto me. I am his most beloved Son.

A sequence, a timing has been implemented, set aside and called forth by me at the Father’s command. My people, when I told of the “suddenlies” had come, began foolishly looking for great events that would astound your world. My daughter, this is foolishness! It is the small things that can eat away at the foundation of a structure causing it at the proper ordained moment in time to fall.

These “suddenlies” are like the small foxes that spoil the vine, but unlike the small foxes, my “suddenlies” shall only increase in size as they get mightier and mightier, at my command. I do the will of my Father! This is his will! His righteous judgment! Our righteous judgment, for the many sins that the people of your once great nation and world has embraced so willingly to your hearts, and refuses to repent of even though the destructions of sin on your world has caused the judgments upon all!

Time has no meaning when applied to the things of heaven. Time exists because it was created by Father’s command and by my hands. Now time has ended! The hourglass of time is no more, and no more shall be given to the people of your earth. This Earth shall pass away because even its very soil is tainted from man’s sins with much of it being diseased.

Little daughter, the hammer of judgment, has fallen hard against your world and nation.

The sword has been unsheathed!

Famine has been released of both famine of food, famine of drink and famine, great famine of my true holy word!

Destruction has been released!

Pestilence have been released!

Diseases have been released!

War has been released!

Demon aliens have been released!

The rise of the Antichrist and his false prophet and new world order has been released!

And the destroyer has been released!

A time of great wailing as Rachel is called to weep for her children, her lost children.

“But what is this striking at each time you woke me up, sweet Jesus? Please give me knowledge and understanding of these things…. your knowledge and your understanding if it’s something you want or need me to know.”

“Daughter of Faith, of Grace and Mercy, it is needful for you to know and understand for this holy call I have placed upon your life. Each time I woke you up announcing to you, “I strike. My aim is true,” a judgment’s sentence was commanded to be carried out by my command to the destroyer. It is my bidding he does, because I am doing the will of my father, your Holy Father, my beloved daughter.”

“Thank you.” “You are welcome, my beloved Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy.


I strike!

I strike!

I strike!

My aim is true!

I strike true!

My strike is just!

My aim is true!

I strike!

The Destroyer has come!

I strike and he strikes!

Run, wail, weep!

Cover your heads with ashes and rend your hearts!

Adorn yourself with sackcloth, for that which was is no more!

A time of lamenting!

A time to cry out for your lost!

A time to weep for all lost souls of your wicked world!

I strike!

I strike true!

My aim is true, but so is my love!

These judgments are done in love!

No pleasure is taken from the ordering and administering of justice, but it must be done!

So, I strike!

I strike true!

My aim is true!

My hand is steady, swift and sure, and so is the destroyer’s who strikes when I strike!!!

The destroyer has come!

He is here!

He is released upon your world with no restraint except what I command for, I do my Father’s commands! His will is mine. We are the same, yet we are separate.


I strike daughter!

I strike!

I strike true, because my aim is true and my heart is pure!

I strike in the power of my righteousness!

I strike sure!

When I move, when I strike and so does the destroyer and his appointed times.


I’m walking to my bedroom and my eyes fall upon my alarm clock. It’s 5:15. I hear you, my lovely Jesus. I hear you now say:

I strike!

I strike true!

My ways are just, righteous and holy.

I’m praying my lovely Jesus. I’m praying in your name.


“Daughter of Faith, of Grace and of Mercy, I strike!

I strike the earth and with each strike, so does the destroyer at the appointed time.”

“Jesus, I’m praying.”


I strike daughter!

I strike true!

My aim is sure!

I strike daughter!

I strike!


“Daughter of Faith… Of Mercy… and Grace… I strike!!!

“I know my love. I know, but it breaks my heart.”

“I know, dear daughter, I know.”

“I love you, Jesus.”

“I love you too, my little sweet daughter.”


John 10:30

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The Four Winds of the Bible

Wind is a vector quantity having both speed and direction. For purposes of comparison, statistical analysis, or computation of averages, the wind vectors have to be broken into their zonal component (east, west) and meridional component (north, south). Here, by convention, an east wind or easterly wind means one that is blowing from the east, and so on.

The Bible contains several references to the power of the wind, its variability and its destructive potential. Besides such allegorical imagery, in many places the wind is referred to in practical terms. Only the four basic directions, east, west, north and south, are talked about, and intermediate directions are rarely mentioned, like for example, the nor’easter encountered by Paul in his final voyage (Acts 27:14).

Out of the four winds of the Bible, the east wind is the one which is mentioned most often and it is generally described as a very strong, hot and dry wind. The book of Genesis (verses 41:6, 41:23, 41:27) talks of the heads of grain that sprouted and then got withered by the scorching east wind. The book of Ezekiel (verses 17:10, 19:12) tells how the strong and tall vine was uprooted and got completely withered and stripped of its fruit by the dry east wind.

The east wind of the Bible is also a fierce wind (Isaiah 27:8, Job 38:24), it can destroy ships on the high seas (Psalm 48:7, Ezekiel 27:26), it can scatter and sweep out people (Job 15:2, 27:21, Jonah 4:8, Jeremiah 18:17).

The book of Exodus describes how God brought in ten different forms of plagues over Egypt. The seventh plague was the plague of hail, and it was followed the next day by the eighth plague which was the plague of locusts (Exodus 10:13). The sequence was such that the massive hailstorms had already rendered the ground wet. The next morning God used the east wind to bring in a swarm of locusts, which found in the wet sandy soil an ideal environment to lay eggs and breed in huge numbers. Whatever had survived the hail, was completely devoured by the locusts. The following day, God changed the direction of the wind to a very strong west wind. It caught up the locusts and carried them into the Red Sea, and not a locust was left anywhere in Egypt (Exodus 10:19).

The strong and dry east wind again played a major role in the parting of the waters of the Red Sea that enabled the Israelites to cross it. God used the strong east wind to drive the sea back, turn it into dry land and divide the waters (Exodus 14:21). The sheer power of the east wind that made all this possible, was remembered for long (Psalm 78:26).

In the book of Hosea, there is a warning for any one who feeds on the wind, pursues the east wind all day, and multiplies lies and violence (12:1). An east wind from the Lord will come, blowing in from the desert; his spring will fail and his well dry up. His storehouse will be plundered of all its treasures (13:15). Hosea speaks of the fruitless deeds of evildoers in these words (8:7): They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Prepare for the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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