They risk a world war: “We sank your” Moskva “and killed 12 Generals” – The US wants a coup and overthrow V. Putin! – WarNews247

The US has admitted that it helped sink the Moksva cruiser and is also responsible for the death of Russian Generals.

The United States has never taken such a degree of responsibility against Russia, risking a possible retaliatory blow.

The public outcry has provoked reactions even inside the United States, with some officials trying to contain the unbridled fears that “the limits in the conflict with Russia have been exceeded.”

They want to overthrow Putin with a coup

The two confessions within 24 hours show that the US is blackmailing in every way possible the overthrow of Putin and insurgency in the Kremlin.

Maybe that’s why yesterday the President of Belarus warned that ” the Russian Army wants to react and this can be done against Putin’s will”!

The US is taking very dangerous paths as in its attempt to provoke an internal coup in Russia, someone much more “hot-headed” than Putin can take over, and this may not be good for either Washington or Europe.

This is the point of the equation.

The second is that Putin, after the public efforts of humiliation and humiliation by the USA, is with his back to the wall and must react. Especially in case the attacks continue and Russia, for example, loses another ship or some Generals.

The question now is whether some are really pursuing a Russia-NATO war by betting on the fact that Putin will not use nuclear weapons.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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