Biden Extraordinary Meeting: Circles push in WWII – Russia: “No defeat – Use of nuclear weapons if necessary” – WarNews247

A direct nuclear threat against the United States, and not Britain, as has been the case so far, was unleashed a few hours ago by Putin’s “stickler”, Dmitry Kiselyov, during his broadcast on Russian state television.

The message seems to have been written through the Kremlin and is therefore addressed exclusively to the United States. The cause is the sinking of Moskva and the death of Russian Generals.

American sources had reported a few days ago that “the USA is behind all this”.

It seems that some American circles are pushing for a Third World Nuclear War.

This is exactly the revelation that Dmitry Kiselyov referred to.

“The US wants to destroy our country”

On the occasion of these developments and the American statements, Dmitry Kiselyov during his show on Russian state television said:

“Many events have taken place this week that show that relations with the United States are becoming more and more intense.

There is information sharing with Ukraine , new sanctions and much more.

It is obvious that the US does not only aim at restricting Russia but wants to destroy our country completely, to cancel it in modern terminology if you prefer.

In Washington, there is such a frenzy between the ruling Democrats over tens of millions of dollars in aid.

“America is fighting Russia”

They say directly that America is at war with Russia and should not lose.

Seth Moulton said: “We are not just at war to support the Ukrainians.

We are essentially at war, albeit somewhat through proxy, with Russia, and it is important that we win.

“Russia can not lose – Nuclear if necessary”

But Russia also can not lose.

If we get to this point and someone wants to pose a threat to our very existence, then Putin’s logic will apply:

“Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia in it?”

Look here at Number 17 in the Decree on the Foundations of Russian State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Prevention.

“We will use the Strategic Nuclear Forces when the existence of the state is under threat.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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