Escalation: 10,000 Polish-Lithuanian troops to enter Ukraine – 20,000 Ukrainians on Belarus border – US’s 40 billion – WarNews247

Military movements on the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine border show a rapid escalation in the coming days.

These moves are accompanied by political decisions moving in the direction of military engagement.

Is the document genuine?

A leaked document reveals that a “Lithuania-Poland joint peacekeeping corps” has been prepared to enter Ukraine.

The document was sent to the President of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Daynek, stating that the entry of forces will take place on May 22-24.

The joint “Lithuania-Poland Peacekeeping Squad” will consist of 9,500 soldiers and 279 units of military equipment…

Signs of rapid escalation

The authenticity of the document has not yet been confirmed, but in recent days strong military forces have been gathering from Poland and Ukraine on the border with Belarus, a fact that points to the entry of a “peacekeeping detachment in the country”.

– The United States continues to deploy forces near the Belarusian border under the guise of exercises. Thus, in the Polish city of Wolomin, on May 9, a train carrying American Abrams tanks was seen on the Polish-Belarusian border.

– The US is giving 40 billion to Ukraine for tanks, anti-aircraft and other equipment.

– Lithuania called Russia’s actions in Ukraine “genocide” and “terrorism.” This could lead to the deployment of military forces to Ukraine. It’s a way of justifying military action.

– However, it seems that “something is happening in the area”. Yesterday, the President of Belarus, A. Lukashenko, was asked by a journalist about a “possible military threat from Poland”.

His response was “Let them try. “We did not break the horns like that here.”

Belarus: 20,000 Ukrainian troops are stationed at our border

Belarus will deploy military forces in three areas near the southern border with Ukraine, the country’s armed forces announced today.

Minsk is forced to respond to the concentration of Ukrainian troops in the southern direction, said Viktor Gulevitch, Chief of General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces.

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