Finland is being targeted with nuclear weapons! – Warning of N. Medvedev: “Let’s go for open conflict & nuclear war” – WarNews247

Russia responds to Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO plans
“Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of military and other nature, in order to curtail the threats that arise to its national security in this regard,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement commenting on the possible accession of Finland to NATO.

If Finland joins NATO, Russia will view such a move as a violation of international legal obligations, a message posted on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Moscow has always assured Helsinki that Russia’s aggressive actions against Finland would never take place. However, Finland’s desire to join NATO comes in violation of the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty, according to which the parties undertook not to enter into alliances and coalitions directed against one of them.
Lithuania will recall its Ambassador to Russia Eitvydas Bajarunas from Moscow on June 1.

The Lithuanian government also intends to shut down the consulate general in St. Petersburg on June 7.

(HT REMARK: When Diplomacy ends, wars usually begin. Lithuania is just right next door to Ukraine.)

(Update 12.25) The First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vyacheslav Nikonov, stressed on the occasion of Finland’s entry into NATO that “the country will be targeted by nuclear weapons.”

He specifically said:

“The deployment of NATO military bases in Finland will be another attack on Russia’s security and will not contribute to strengthening Europe’s security.

A symmetrical response must be given to the Alliance and US military bases’ approach to the Russian border.

It is clear that those countries that provide their territories for NATO bases are becoming targets, including our nuclear weapons,” said the First Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Nikonov stressed that the decision on Finland’s accession to NATO has already been taken and will be made in the Alliance in the near future. The same will happen to Sweden, which has also announced its intention to join NATO.

The Finnish and Swedish authorities have announced their intention to join the Alliance following the launch of a special operation by Russia in Ukraine. On May 11, it was announced that the countries would deliver the documents at the same time. This is expected to happen early next week.

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