Russia: “We will not show mercy to Finland – They want to destroy Putin’s birthplace – They will become nuclear ashes in 10 seconds” – WarNews247

The Russia-NATO conflict is coming out of nuclear control after Finland’s accession to the Atlantic Alliance. During the communication between the presidents of the two countries, Putin warned of a “wrong move”.

Then the baton was taken by the Russian political and military establishment, which now openly threatens Helsinki with a nuclear strike.

There are many statements with very serious characterizations for both Sweden and Finland. WarNews247 has compiled some of them.

“Nuclear ash” Finland in 10 seconds

The deputy chairman of the Duma’s defense committee, Alexei Zuravlyov, and a close ally of Putin, has openly threatened both Britain and Finland with nuclear weapons.

Finland, which is preparing to join NATO, can disappear in ten seconds.

If Finland wants to join this bloc, then our goal is perfectly legitimate – to question the existence of this state. This is reasonable.

If the United States is threatening our state, fine: here’s the Sarmat [Satan-2] missile for you, and you will be reduced to ashes if you believe that Russia should not exist.

And Finland says it is one with the US. Well, get in line.

We can strike with a Sarmat from Siberia, and even reach the United Kingdom.

“Get in line”
“And if we hit from Kaliningrad… the time to reach the ultrasound is 200 seconds – so go ahead, guys…

“We will not have strategic weapons on the Finnish border, but Kinzhal missiles, which can reach Finland in 20 seconds or even 10 seconds.”

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