Nuclear strike approaching: “Prometheus” now shields Moscow – “RS-28 Sarmat launch with Avangard and protection with S-500” – WarNews247

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov has announced that the new Prometheus S-500 anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems are being put into operation. Moscow is now acquiring a “Space Shield,” Space Defense System (SDS), against ICBM.

Russia is adding the last link in a chain as it moves at full speed to use nuclear weapons either in Ukraine or even against a NATO member country. It must not be taken for granted that the Russian military leadership has the green light to use nuclear weapons.

The Communication S-500 Communication is crucial because:

– The S-500s have the primary purpose of protecting the capital Moscow and the industrial complex from intercontinental ballistic missiles.
They previously mass-produced the RS-28 Sarmat which was designed to penetrate any current or future Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system such as Poland and Romania.
– The S-500s are also intended to protect RS-28 Sarmat nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. We remind you that recently the Russians proceeded with a test and immediately after they announced the mass production of Sarmat.
– These three elements, S-500, RS-28 Sarmat and Avangard polyphonic warheads, enter the Russian arsenal.
– Europe, in particular, is facing a major security strategic issue, especially if the S-500s are deployed in Kaliningrad as well.

In short, Moscow has put in service and mass-produced weapons of a strategic nature in order to “untie its hands” and proceed with the use of nuclear weapons.

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