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RT Erdogan recently announced a new military operation in Northeastern Syria against the Kurdish SDF forces and consequently the Americans.

The new Turkish military operation will soon begin to establish a new Turkish 30-kilometer-deep security zone in northern Syria, where Turkey has no control.

This announcement by Erdogan was completely expected and was emphasized several times by WarNews247. Erdogan wanted many things, but above all one for a start:

A new military operation in NE Syria which, in conjunction with the ongoing operation in northern Iraq, will once again shield Turkey’s borders.

Erdogan frontal with Americans and NATO
RT Erdogan, regardless of whether we accept it or not, firmly believes that there is an American plan to create a Kurdish state and consequently the partition of Turkey.

That’s why he chooses to come face to face now with the Americans and the West as a whole. After the morning sermon he announced a military operation.

It will put into practice the reactions of Sweden and the whole of NATO.

If the US allows the Turkish military operation, the Kurds will be wiped out. If they give him a “green light” and “pull” the Kurds deep from the Syrian-Turkish border to Raqqa, then a second crisis with Greece follows. We are the continuation of this Turkish military goal.

RT Erdogan is moving to eliminate all military threats to Turkey by 2023.

If the US and the collective West do not “give it a green light” then there will be a huge crisis within NATO in the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian war. Finland and Sweden will never be accepted, at least as long as Turkey and Erdogan exist.

The Turkish company has the “OK” of Moscow. We had stressed from the beginning that Erdogan closed the airspace because he wants a new military operation in NE Syria. It sells a lot to Americans but basically nothing.

Beyond that, ways must be sought for Turkey’s immediate exit from NATO. The problem that arises is large and complex.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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