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The leak came from a secret Chinese military meeting of high-ranking officials discussing plans to invade Taiwan and the defeat of US forces on the island’s periphery.

The meeting on May 14 was a top-secret meeting on the PLA and Guangdong Province War Mobilization Plan.

The video has now been leaked and is available on almost all platforms and with English subtitles. The possibility that the audio is fake is almost ruled out.

India is showing particular interest for obvious reasons as the issue is quite high in the Indian media. Indian sources say the “video was sent through Taiwan”.

The 57-minute audio clip was leaked online by Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese human rights activist

It is obvious that foreign services are behind the leak. It is also a given that for this there is a growing American mobilization lately.

China’s war plan – What forces it mobilizes
In the audio, Chinese officials talk about mobilizing the following forces:

1. They detail the “mobilization” in six major cities in the Pearl River Delta and the main development of the 74th Army Group as “basic support”.
2. 140,000 people, 953 ships, 1,653 unmanned aircraft, 20 airport terminals, 6 shipyards, 14 emergency mobilization centers. grain and oil depots, hospital blood bank, etc.
3.Recruitment of 15,500 military specialists of various specialties.
4. 64 10,000-ton RO-RO merchant ships, 38 aircraft, 588 trains and 19 civilian facilities, including airports and docks, as part of the mobilization plan to “offer full support for the decisive battle in the Taiwan Strait.”
5. “As far as the focus of the mobilization is concerned, we need to coordinate the two areas of the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, ” the commander was quoted as saying.
6. The discussion also reveals that Commanders will develop a Tiantong-1 satellite phone for mobile communications.
7. In addition, they plan to “mobilize Chinese and overseas Chinese organizations to take an active part in supporting” military operations.
8. The plan includes a “Marine Brigade” focusing on the “Pearl River Delta area to avoid chaos.”
9. Officials present at the top-secret meeting reportedly described companies that have mobilized to increase production capacity for drones, boats, etc.
10. Officials are heard arguing that four companies, including Zhuhai Orbita, Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong Satellite Co., Foshan Deliya and Ji Hua Laboratory, have formed “four satellite clips”. “We have a total of 16 low-orbit satellites, with 0.5 to 10 meters of ultra-high detection and imaging capabilities,” officials said in the video.
11. All Chinese assets, domestic and international, and the political influences that the Chinese Communist Party has cultivated in the West to support its impending war in Asia will be mobilized. For example:
12. Chinese abroad, public and private companies, Belt and Road (silk road), army coverage by the people, army support by the people, high-tech machinery and chips, special materials, oil, grains and minerals and other strategic materials , aimed at breaking the US-West alliance in time of war.

For more details, see the contents after the video.

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