First patient dosed in trial of cancer-killing virus (Monkeypox Plan Revealed..)

Oncolytic Adenovirus—A Nova for Gene-Targeted Oncolytic Viral Therapy in HCC
Oncolytic virus therapy has recently been recognized as a promising new therapeutic approach for cancer treatment. An oncolytic virus is defined as a genetically engineered or naturally occurring virus that can selectively replicate in and kill cancer cells without harming the normal tissues.

City of Hope and Imugene Limited, a clinical stage immuno-oncology company, today announced that the first patient was dosed in a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating the safety of novel cancer-killing virus CF33-hNIS VAXINIA when used in people with advanced solid tumors. The City of Hope-developed oncolytic virus has been shown to shrink colon, lung, breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancer tumors in preclinical laboratory and animal models.

“Our previous research demonstrated that oncolytic viruses (Targeted Gene Therapy) can stimulate the immune system to respond to and kill cancer, as well as stimulate the immune system to be more responsive to other immunotherapies, including checkpoint inhibitors,” said Daneng Li, M.D., principal investigator and assistant professor of City of Hope’s Department of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research. “Now is the time to further enhance the power of immunotherapy, and we believe CF33-hNIS has the potential to improve outcomes for our patients in their battle with cancer.”

Oncolytic virus therapy is made possible once viruses found in nature are genetically modified to infect, replicate in and kill cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells. While immune checkpoint inhibitors have been effective in certain cancers, patients often relapse and eventually stop responding to or develop resistance to this type of treatment. Early research shows oncolytic viruses can prime a person’s immune system and increase the level of PD-L1 in tumors, making immunotherapy more effective against cancer.

Oncolytic Virotherapy CF33 Patent Granted In Japan

Imugene Limited (ASX:IMU) a clinical stage immuno-oncology company today announced it has received a Notice of Grant from the Japanese Patent Office for Patent Application number 2019-507161 which protects its oncolytic virotherapy CF33, including VAXINIA (CF33-hNIS) and CHECKVacc (CF33-hNIS-antiPDL1).

The patent titled “CHIMERIC POXVIRUS COMPOSITION AND USES THEREOF” (inventors Yuman Fong and Nanhai Chen from the City of Hope) protects the method of composition and method of use of Imugene’s licensed oncolytic virotherapy to 2037.

CF33 is a chimeric vaccinia poxvirus from the lab of inventor Professor Yuman Fong, Chair of Sangiacomo Family Chair in Surgical Oncology at City of Hope, and a noted expert in the oncolytic virus field

While some poxviruses, such as smallpox (variola virus), no longer exist in nature, other poxviruses can still cause disease. These include monkeypox virus, orf virus, molluscum contagiosum, and others.
Definition of chimera
1. A fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail
2.(ky-MEER-ik) Having parts of different origins. In medicine, refers to a person, organ, or tissue that contains cells with different genes than the rest of the person, organ, or tissue.

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