South Korea and Japan scramble jets after Chinese, Russian warplanes neared airspace – CNA

Επιχείρηση Ρωσίας-Κίνας με εικονικές προσβολές Tu-95 – H-6K κατά “QUAD” – Στρατηγός ΗΠΑ: “Προετοιμαστείτε για παγκόσμια σύγκρουση”

A warlike climate prevailed in the Pacific for 13 hours. Russia and China have launched a joint operation to send a “package” of Tu-95 strategic bombers along with H-6Ks to virtual bombardment missions against the QUAD alliance.

SEOUL: South Korea’s military said it scrambled fighter jets after at least four Chinese and four Russian warplanes entered its air defence zone on Tuesday (May 24).

Japan’s Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi said his country also scrambled jets after Russian and Chinese warplanes neared its airspace, when Tokyo was hosting the leaders of the Quad grouping of countries.

The Russian and Chinese aircraft entered and left the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone (Korea ADIZ) in the Sea of Japan, known in Korea as the East Sea, several times through the day, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The aircraft, which included fighter jets and bombers from each side, did not violate South Korea’s airspace, the JCS added.

The South Korean military deployed air force fighters to “implement tactical measures” to brace for a potential contingency.

Unlike airspace, an ADIZ is usually an area where countries may unilaterally demand that foreign aircraft take special steps to identify themselves, with no international laws governing ADIZs.

Tuesday’s incursion was the first reported since new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol took office on May 10. On Sunday, Yoon wrapped up a summit with US President Joe Biden where the two leaders pledged support for measures seen as countering China’s influence in the region, and criticised Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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