Strong 7.2 and 6.4 quake shakes southern Peru – Atacama Giant and Loyalty Islands in theRing of Fire, but no report of victims – ABC News

LIMA, Peru — A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook a remote region of southern Peru on Thursday, sending frightened people running into the streets in nearby Bolivia, though there were no immediate reports of damage or injury.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 7:02 a.m. (1202 GMT) quake was centered 13. kilometers (8 miles) west-northwest of Azangaro, but was fairly deep — 218 kilometers (135 miles) beneath the surface.

Then a few hours later it rolled around the Ring of Fire to create a 6.4 southeast of the Loyalty Islands..

The Atacama Giant (Spanish: Gigante de Atacama) is an anthropomorphic geoglyph on Cerro Unitas in the Atacama Desert, Chile.[1][unreliable source?] It is the largest prehistoric anthropomorphic figure in the world with a length of 119 metres (390 ft), and represented a deity for the local inhabitants from AD 1000 to 1400

The Atacama Desert has more than 5,000 ancient geoglyphs—immense designs and figures drawn into the dry flats and hills—similar to Peru’s famous Nazca Lines north of here. Some of the Atacama geoglyphs are about 1,200 years old, dating to 800 CE. The most recent was made 500 years ago in the 16th century.

Also in the Atacama Desert, near the town of Camina and about 120 miles from the coastal city of Iquique, is a mysterious red lagoon. Called both Laguna Roja and Mar Roja, this unusual body of water is 12,000 feet above sea level, is between 100 and 120 Fahrenheit, and is the color of blood. Nearby are two other colorful lagoons, one yellow and one green

According to legend of the Aymara people, the lagoon was the devil’s and he warned people away from it by tinting it slightly red. Yet some people drank its water and died, which stained it an even deeper red. Another legend holds that three virgins were sacrificed to the gods here and each wept tears of a different color, resulting in the three colorful pools.

Mystery of ‘alien’ skeleton, Eclipse over Chile, prince of the air over Chile says “Go!” ( Is Jesus trying to tell us something?)

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