A Vision of War and Invasion 10/30/21@3:19pm


Prophetic Dreams and Visions from my lovely Jesus shares a Vision from October 2021 regarding the invasion on Babylon (America) consisting of major shoreline attacks from submarines by Putin’s Joint Military Operation.

The Lord could crush the Earth now and then Judge everyone, instead He provides Judgements so that they will know He is the Lord thy God to save their eternal souls.

Full Text Here:

A Vision of War and Invasion 10/30/21@3:19pm
I was awakened this morning of 5/27/22 by my lovely Jesus and was instructed by the sweet Holy Spirit, my friend to get this journal containing this vision and to share it. This is not a vision that I, myself want to share. It is a hard thing but I choose to be obedient. Please pray about all these things. God bless!
It is Jesus talking to me:
“Come, come see child what awaits for your once great nation, your world. Close your eyes, but yet, keep them open. What do you see?”
“I see a mushroom cloud with what appears like orange red fire at the bottom part of it and it’s on the ground instead of up high in the air!”
“What else do you see child?”
“I see billows of smoke, ash, and debris erupting on all sides as it burns, melts and destroys everything in its path as it begins spreading itself outward. I see cities leveled. I hear anguish cries and screams the further out this cloud reaches!”
“Child, what else do you see?”
“I see pockets of areas covered in a whitish clear bubble that surrounding small locations, even cars protecting them when they should have been destroyed!!! What city is this Jesus?”
“The city represents many, many daughter, many inside your nation. What else daughter? What else? Look again!”
“I see an ocean covered with many, many vessels and drones… I think they are…near a shoreline. I see many, many submarines surfacing from beneath the waters. There’s too many, Jesus, too many!”
“It’s an army designed to conquer Child. This is the army formed by the evil Putin’s unholy coalition.”
“Where’s this city, this harbor area Jesus?”
“You know Child, for we have spoken of it often!”
“I’m seeing like a large map being lowered, but it’s not paper. It’s more like a white sheet with a world map that’s on it. It’s being lowered by its four corners before me on my living room floor where I have been praying.”
“Look child, look! Tell me what you do you see on the map.”
“I’m seeing Jesus, with my eyes open the world map and I see small ships identifying the army of vessels I just witnessed earlier and they are at California, Alaska, New York, eventually they appear near Virginia and Florida.”
“It is an army designed to conquer and destroy. What else do you notice daughter?”
“I see small pin-prick light points dotted at different places of the United States and I am seeing an acceleration of battle on our soil and the farther the enemy begins advancing the more lights I see starting to shine. Now I see them multiplying fast upon this map! What am I seeing Jesus?”
“You are seeing the fire of my Holy Spirit as it begins igniting the fires of what you have named revival. It is through the thrashing and testing shall the wheat be made to become pure and pass from one person to another. Tell me child what do you surmise?”
“War’s still coming and so is the invasion!”
“Tell me child is this not my great love in action? Man is being rewarded for his sinful ways while I am bringing many by my Holy Spirit unto me through great adversity and even war, so my people when paying their dues as you call it child, for their sins, I use it to save their eternal souls from everlasting eternity in hell’s flame!!!
Psalms 86:13
Romans 10:13
Isaiah 46:11
Proverbs 14:34
Hosea 4:1-16

Prepare for the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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