Adviser Erdogan: “War is coming soon in the Aegean as in Ukraine” – Turkey will try to change borders! – WarNews247

With a barrage of reports, Erdogan’s advisor, I. Karagul, speaks of a “war like in Ukraine” and calls on the Turkish government to “immediately dismantle the Southern Front” that has been set up against Turkey.

What he said may seem like a delusion, but it is extremely important because it reflects the way in which the political and military leadership of Turkey now treats Greek-Turkish.

Ankara’s aspirations have gone up “track” and now aim at changing borders and in practical questioning of Greek sovereignty.

It is important to see the information conveyed by the SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis, (who also canceled the license) which show a course of ignition.

“A crisis like in Ukraine will start in the Aegean”

Referring to the American bases that have been installed in Greece, I. Karagiul noted that these bases have nothing to do with the Russian threat, but have been created against Turkey. The Western bloc is preparing against Turkey.

He said in detail:

“The crisis will explode in the Aegean as in Ukraine. This is clear and close.

These bases have nothing to do with Russia. It is a preparation against Turkey.

They will set traps in Turkey in the Aegean and on the islands, as well as in Russia in Ukraine. The southern front must be dismantled immediately.

Turkey must act quickly. He must not leave behind an enemy. He has to finish the job in the South very quickly.

“Alexandroupolis base targets Istanbul”

This base in Alexandroupolis is for Istanbul. Accumulation on the islands is for Turkey.

It is there, the Byzantine Children are preparing “inside”. Iran-Mediterranean, Southern Zone needs to be cleared. We must strengthen our hand against the threat to the islands.

The “Front of Internal Occupation” and the bases in the Aegean are the same mentality. They are getting ready!

“Those who open the gates of the castle from within” must stop.

“Turkey to immediately create the Security Zone in NE Syria”

Turkey urgently needs to set up the Corridor in northern Syria. Even if it means suicide, there must be intervention. No one can stand in front of Turkey.

There is no other way. Hesitation is death! This is a condition for the protection of Anatolia. “Staying in defense means shrinking!”

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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