Multiple people shot at Tulsa medical building, Oklahoma police say..(Sivan 1 – Rhineland Massacres Anniversary)

Saint Francis has been affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital since 1990. This was the first recorded instance of collaboration between a Catholic hospital and a Jewish hospital in the United States.[2]

Multiple people were shot at a Tulsa medical building on a hospital campus Wednesday and “some unfortunately were killed,” an Oklahoma police captain said.

Tulsa police said in a Facebook post just before 6 p.m. that the shooter was dead. It was unclear how the shooter died.

“Officers are currently going through every room in the building checking for additional threats,” police said. “We know there are multiple injuries, and potentially multiple casualties.”

Tulsa police Capt. Richard Meulenberg said that multiple people were wounded and that “some unfortunately were killed.” He said it was a “catastrophic scene.”

St. Francis Health System locked down its campus Wednesday afternoon because of the situation at the Natalie Medical Building. The Natalie building houses an outpatient surgery center and a breast health center.

1 Sivan (1096) – Worms Jews massacred as part of the Rhineland massacres by the First Crusade during morning prayers after taking refuge in a local castle. (see “Iyar in Jewish History” for Iyar 8.)

The Rhineland massacres, also known as the German Crusade of 1096[1] or Gzerot Tatnó[2] (Hebrew: גזרות תתנ”ו, “Edicts of 4856”), were a series of mass murders of Jews perpetrated by mobs of French and German Christians of the People’s Crusade in the year 1096, or 4856 according to the Hebrew calendar. These massacres are often seen as the first in a sequence of antisemitic events in Europe which culminated in the Holocaust.[3]

Prominent leaders of crusaders involved in the massacres included Peter the Hermit and especially Count Emicho.[4] As part of this persecution, the destruction of Jewish communities in Speyer, Worms and Mainz was noted as the Hurban Shum (Destruction of Shum).[5] These were new persecutions of the Jews in which peasant crusaders from France and Germany attacked Jewish communities. A number of historians have referred to the violence as “pogroms”.[6]

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