China-Australia serious incident: J-16 blocked P-8 and threw “chaff and flares” at the engine! – Watch the video – WarNews247

A new serious incident between China and Australia took place in the South China Sea. A Chinese J-16 fighter is about to send a RAAF P-8 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to the bottom.

The Australian Minister of Defense gave a press conference on the issue. See below in the video what exactly the J-16 did, its course and how it sided and cut the road in the P-8 of the Australian Air Force.

This is the second serious incident between China and Australia and has been preceded by the incident with the Canadian aircraft.

Questions are also being raised about why the US and allied countries are now sending spy planes very close to the Chinese coast as concerns grow that China is preparing something in relation to Taiwan.

We remind you that the USAF recently sent an RC-135U which monitored China’s activities in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea. The RC-135U flew up to 29 nautical miles off the coast of China.

“Chaff got into the P-8 engine”

In a statement, the Australian Ministry of Defense described the meeting as “a dangerous maneuver that posed a threat to the safety of the P-8 aircraft and its crew”.

“The J-16 aircraft flew very close to the side of the P-8.

“Flying close to the side released flares,” Marles said in a television interview with Australia’s 9News.

“The J-16 then accelerated and cut off the P-8, coming out in front of the P-8 at a very close distance.

He then released a chaff cloud containing small pieces of aluminum, some of which entered the engine of the P-8 aircraft.

“Obviously, this is very dangerous, ” Marles said. (before releasing flares and chaff that entered at least one of the Australian aircraft’s engines… was specifically the expression of the Australian aircraft)

None of the crew members were injured and the aircraft was able to return safely to its base, he explained.

“They wanted to cancel the patrol”

“Once absorbed, the chaff can damage the aircraft engine and in extreme cases can even shut it down,” said Peter Layton, a former Australian Air Force officer who is now a fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute.

“While the P-8 can only run on one of its two engines, the incident would have forced it to return to base, effectively ending its patrol,” Layton added.

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