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With the Turkish provocation soaring, Athens calmly monitors Turkey’s movements and puts the country’s Armed Forces on alert.

The Army, Air Force and Navy are on full alert, shielding every inch of the Aegean, both by sea and in the air, according to Mega .

The Greek Navy has fired missiles at strategic points, a frigate moving in the northern Aegean but also submarines along the entire length of the sea.

The Air Force is constantly patrolling the Greek FIR with a radar aircraft which flies on a 24-hour basis, while F-16 and RAFALE are with it.

New threats Erdogan

Continuing the tactics of provocations, Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again made sure to fire his arrows against Greece.

This time, Erdogan, attending a photo awards ceremony organized for the first time this year by “Yeni Safak” in memory of its photojournalist, Mustafa Jambaz, stressed that “our brother, Mustafa, one of the Turks of Western Thrace, had a brave heart that fought the oppressive policies of Greece. He was a young man who immigrated to Istanbul, saying “I do not want to do my military service in Greece”… “.

The continuation of his speech had references to the fall of Constantinople in 1453, typically noting that “to those who say that the persecution began in 1453”, we say that “we protect this beautiful city” and then spoke of those who “could not to digest the conquest of Constantinople “.

“So it will go from here on out”

On the other hand, he made sure to refer to the military exercise EFES 2022, putting our country in the spotlight again.

“We held the EFES 2022 exercise yesterday in Smyrna. 37 countries participated in this exercise and Greece told more than half that they should not participate. They all participated in the exercise with us, especially the USA. This successful exercise was a very beneficial step in giving the necessary answer. So it will continue from here on out with steady steps. “Everyone will see what this nation can do,” he said.

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