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Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed a decree that enters into force immediately and provides the legal basis for “special military operations” of the Chinese Armed Forces abroad.

These military operations do not fall within the concept of “war” according to Beijing.

The decree concerns Taiwan and we can say that it is moving in the same context as Putin and the operation in Ukraine.

The China-Taiwan war will be called… “special military operation”!

Xi Jinping Decree: “Special Military Operations”
In more detail, Chinese President Xi Jinping, also secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, signed a decree on non-military military operations, which will take effect on Wednesday.

The draft decree formulates and provides the legal basis for the Chinese Armed Forces to carry out missions such as disaster relief, humanitarian aid, escort and peacekeeping missions to protect its national sovereignty, security and development interests. Of China.

The drafts aim at preventing and mitigating risks and challenges, managing emergencies, protecting people and property, ensuring national sovereignty, security, development interests, world peace and regional stability.

The drafts are important for the Chinese Armed Forces to carry out their tasks and missions in the new era, as they will introduce innovations in the use of military force and standardize the organization and implementation of military operations of the armed forces outside the war. .

“Military operations other than war refer to non-war operations, such as disaster relief and humanitarian aid, as well as operations that reduce the scale of violence, such as naval escort and peacekeeping,” said a Chinese military experton condition of anonymity.

The draft decrees are divided into six and 59 chapters, and summarize the experiences accumulated from previous missions and practices, drawing on the results of both military and civilian research. They standardize basic principles, organization and command, types of activities, activity support, and political work, providing the legal basis for troops to conduct military operations outside of war.

Chinese sources say that “by conducting these operations abroad, in some cases, Chinese troops can prevent the secondary effects of a regional instability from affecting China, securing vital transportation routes of strategic materials such as oil, or protecting overseas investment, China projects and staff ”.

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