Erdogan asks for authorization from the Turkish National Assembly for military intervention against Greece due to a Turkish-Libyan memorandum! – WarNews247

Turkey handed over a 72-hour ultimatum for the Syrian Democratic Forces to leave Manbij and Tel Rifat.

According to Russian sources, “Turkish authorities stated that the Syrian Democratic Forces had exactly 72 hours to withdraw their units from Manbij and Tel Rifat in order to avoid serious clashes. In fact, we are talking about an ultimatum, after which the Turkish side starts an operation in the area.

The President of Turkey requested authorization from the Turkish National Assembly to take military action even against our country (Greece) in the context of the implementation of the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

The revelation comes from abroad and specifically from the Nordic Monitor of the self-exiled Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt.

This means that in the coming days, Ankara will send the 4th drilling rig to the area of the illegal Turkish-Libyan Memorandum and will probably declare an EEZ, as announced earlier by Erdogan’s partner, N. Bahceli.

Erdogan asked for a green light for military intervention!
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as expected, sent a proposal to parliament Monday demanding an extension of troops in Libya for another 18 months. As in a previously approved presidential resolution, the number of troops to serve and when or where to deploy is entirely at the discretion of President Erdogan.

In this context, there is only one difference in the presidential proposal to the Turkish National Assembly to extend the deployment of Turkish troops in Libya for another 18 months, compared to the respective texts, which were ratified in 2020 and 2021.

This differentiation essentially lights the “green light” for military intervention, if deemed necessary and against Greece.

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