Serious development: Turkey announces maps with border changes – EEZ declaration & indefinite NAVTEX in “geographical formations” – WarNews247

We have a very serious development in Greek-Turkish as the Turks published a “road map” of looting the Greek islands and islets in the Aegean.

According to information, Turkey will publish at the UN maps with new borders between Greece and Turkey that will include parts of the Aegean as Turkish while it will unilaterally declare an EEZ in the Aegean-An. Mediterranean.

According to Turkish media, the steps are as follows:

First Stage, Turkey will prepare and ratify the Maritime Jurisprudence law as soon as possible and announce it to its recipients.

In the law that will be adopted, Turkey will define the concepts Exclusive Economic Zone, Special Fisheries Zone, Adjacent Zone, which are included in the International Law of the Sea, but are not included in the Territorial Water Regulation.

It will then specify the coordinates of the Exclusive Economic Zone in the eastern Mediterranean.

The coordinates of Turkey’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the eastern Mediterranean will then be officially announced to the UN.

In the second phase, Turkey will map new nautical charts that will include geographical formations of the Aegean. These geographical formations will appear to belong to Turkey, to be part of Turkey as they have not been transferred to any country by agreement. Finally the new maps and changes in the status quo will be notified to the United Nations.

These geographical formations will come under the jurisdiction of Turkish civilian administrations near the coast.

In the third stage, Turkey will announce an indefinite NAVTEX, which will cover the sovereign rights of the geographical formations, which belong to Turkey. Note here that this is a harbinger of a naval blockade.

These were recently revealed by the leader of the Nationalist Movement (MHP) and partner of RT Erdogan, N. Bahceli.

Bahceli, who acts as Erdogan’s “hare”, said that Turkey should formally declare its EEZ and thus take over – in this way – the islands and islets that ‘belong’ – in the Turkish view – to Turkey.

N. Bahceli: “There is no time to lose”
“Dear friends,

Turkey has reached a decision stage.

There is no time to lose.

Whether we live as a dignified and peaceful independent nation,

Or we will fall into the trap of division by succumbing to world games.

Here, I repeat once again:

We have no land to give.

There is no province to abandon.

We have no limits to draw.

We do not have a state to separate.

Homeland we do not have to share.

We do not have people to give up.

We do not have a flag to download.

We are not looking for a future in another geography.

Because we are a big family.

“Because we are the Turkish nation ,” concluded the leader of the Nationalists in Turkey.

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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