Developments are underway after the Madrid Summit: “The biggest threat to NATO is Turkey – to have a plan to remove it” – WarNews247

Στρατηγός K.Γκίνης: “Βρισκόμαστε ενώπιον πολεμικών εχθροπραξιών με Τουρκία – Είμαστε στην τελική φάση σύγκρουσης που οδηγεί σε πόλεμο”
General K. Guinness: “We are facing war hostilities with Turkey – We are in the final phase of conflict leading to war”

The NATO Summit in Madrid is extremely important as in case Erdogan does not lift the veto, as it seems, developments will be launched with Turkey. There is growing dissatisfaction within the Alliance over many issues.

“It is now clear which side Turkey supports. “There is an urgent need to start unprecedented processes to remove Turkey from NATO.” With these words, NATO Officials comment on the growing dissatisfaction with Ankara’s moves

The occasion was an event of the Atlantic Council where participants exchanged views on Turkey’s moves, the veto in Sweden-Finland and the situation in the Black Sea.

This was followed by a “thunderbolt” article from the Wall Street Journal against Turkey.

WSJ: “The biggest threat is Turkey”

The Wall Street Journal in an article by Adam O’Neal entitled Lessons From a Decade of Talking to Putin publishes an interview with the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, who mentions in detail in his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin but also on the subject of Turkey vetoes Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership.

Among other things, it is pointed out that today the biggest threat to Finland’s entry into NATO is not Russia, but Turkey, which was initially positive, but then changed. As Niinistö reports:

“The message from Turkey has changed. At first they were positive. Erdogan told me that he would make a favorable assessment. “A few days later, Erdogan said no.” Could Finland do more to amuse Turkey’s allegations?

“In the beginning, there were restrictions on the sale of weapons. Then there was the issue of the PKK. We saw that there is no significant difference with us in how other European countries handle the issue of the PKK. The Turkish view is constantly changing. “I can not even try to guess how Turkey will behave,” said President Niinistö.

At this point, the columnist also quotes a statement by the Head of the International Relations Committee of the Finnish Parliament Jussi Halla-aho:

“Turkey has more to do with Sweden, which has a strong tradition of acting as a moral superpower and dictating to others what to do. “I can easily understand why this is so annoying and outrageous to leaders like Erdogan.”

The columnist then states that he asked the Finnish President what his country would do to join NATO, if in the end Sweden does not move forward.

“Erdogan knows very well that we are going hand in hand with Sweden,” Niinistö told the WSJ.

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