North Korea announces outbreak of intestinal sickness (Typhoid Fever or Cholera)

I found this on NewsBreak:

North Korea says it is dealing with an outbreak of an unidentified intestinal sickness, adding to the strain caused by the spread of Covid-19.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has ordered quarantine measures be implemented, the official KCNA news agency reports.

It said he sent medicine to Haeju city on Wednesday to help patients suffering from the “acute enteric epidemic”.

Health experts suspect the illness could be typhoid or cholera.

COVID-19 and Typhoid: Can Someone Get Typhoid When Infected With Coronavirus
A lot of people test positive for typhoid while ailing from coronavirus. Know how it can be caused and prevented.

Coronavirus is at its peak with thousands of fresh cases are being reported daily. Several states of the country have imposed lockdown and others are gearing up to follow the same. But complications don’t seem to be subsiding as every day we get to know about some new symptom of COVID-19 that complicates the situation. In the same context, a lot of people are getting typhoid along with covid or post-covid. Besides, having the same set of symptoms, people often confuse between typhoid fever and coronavirus. Here is everything that you should know.

Typhoid and COVID-19
If you have a fever, weakness, dry cough, muscle ache, constipation or diarrhoea, what do you think you might be suffering from? In the current scenario, these are prominent symptoms of coronavirus and one would think that he/she has gotten down with this fatal viral infection. None of us would think about other health issues such as typhoid that also exhibit similar signs & symptoms. It becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. Also, it is seen that people with coronavirus get typhoid. This is because the infection aggravates due to various reasons and increases the risk of typhoid. This may weaken the immunity of the person and cause further troubles. Thus, it is necessary to learn about the link between coronavirus and typhoid. Also, how to prevent typhoid with coronavirus infection.

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