Water into Blood Dream 6/16/22@3:10am


Prophetic Dreams and Visions from my lovely Jesus (10 min mark)shares a Warning Dream about the first plague from Egypt that is to be released in which the water will be turned into blood all over the world.

Only His True Children will have clean drinking water as physical evidence, whose are His and whose are not.

The Lord also confirms the Snake Venom in the Water Supply as well as the gene editing in the Abomination Shots..


Patents: PROOF of Worldwide Envenomation Support Ardis COVID Claims in “Watch the Water” Expose

Q PROOF – They knew VENOM PROTEIN was in Covid-19 since May 2020

Scientist Finds Venom in Vials: Evidence of Venom in Undiluted Pfizer Vials, Blood Cell Damage

Full Transcript Below

Water Into Blood Dream
Journaled at 6/16/22 @ 3:10 am by Vicki Goforth Parnell
I found myself in this dream standing by a body of water that appeared to me to be a river and it is very warm here. Immediately my eyes are drawn to the sound of voices coming from my left. I turned to look, and I see several people standing by the river’s edge. What a strange sight to behold, I mused to myself. I see a group of about eight men and two women, so there’s ten of them altogether. One of the men though, I can tell is of great importance. He is sitting on the seat that I can tell has been carried out by poles by four of the burly men who are also with him.
The two women dressed in sleeveless sheath type loose fitting dresses are standing one on the right of the seat and the other on the left, they are holding what looks like large leaves, large enough to be used as fans, and are fanning the man on the movable seat. Then I began seeing their faces up close, they are all tan colored skin with thick black makeup around their eyes. These people are Egyptians.
My eyes turned back to the man sitting upon the fancy type seat that he is lounging upon when suddenly he jumps up and I see him clearly. He is bald headed, clean shaven, but his eyes are also heavily, heavily, lined with black too. He was dressed in a type of white skirt that I could tell wrapped around his waist because the front left side lapped over the right. It was obvious because of the elaborate border patterned design embroidered in gold threading that made it easy to discern the overlapping in the front.
His chest was bare but he wore an open long solid white sleeveless robe, he wore brown sandals but even they were decorated with what looked like precious gemstones b/c I could see a sparkling ruby a sapphire and emerald all running down the top middle of the sandals with little clear diamonds in rows on both sides of these precious stones. This man is royalty.
This man has apparently become agitated by something or someone. As he walks to the river’s edge, two of the other Egyptian men disengage themselves from the rest of the groups of people, and follow closely behind this man of power. I know in this dream at least these two are his personal body guards. I can tell now this man’s attention is definitely fixed upon something.
I heard a noise further to my left so I turned to see what had caused this noise and had gotten the attention of this man of great importance. It’s not what I expected to see. There standing a little further down by the river’s edge are two lone men. One of them is holding a wooden staff in his left hand. He is shorter than the other man by a few inches and has brown hair that is peppered with grey. He has a mustache, a beard also, laced with grey hairs and kind eyes. This man with a staff was wearing a straight beige dress type garment that reaches to his ankles by length with a rope type topcoat that also reaches his ankles with long sleeves. The topcoat was of what I can only describe as admiral blue color, it was solid in color.
The man beside him appeared to be older by a few years. His hair, beard, and mustache were mostly grey with remnants of a darker color from prior days of glory laced throughout, be yet still. These men apparently were what caused the man of royalty to become agitated. I watched as the man with the staff in hand spoke to the man beside him. He then hands his staff to the older man who was dressed much the same as the younger man except his overcoat, his robe is multi-colored with shades of reds, blues, and browns, running in stripes up a light-colored background that reminds me of the color of muslin material.
The older man takes the outstretched rod, the staff from the younger man, and then he turns to face the man of power and his entourage, the group accompanying him. The ruler man became defiant with a look of “how dare you address me”. When the older man with the rod held in his right hand began speaking, I hear not a word, but I saw the older man stretch out the rod, the staff toward the river, the younger man beside him has his hands raised up to the heavens as if praying to God.
I heard myself ask Jesus, Jesus what’s going on? Are you here? Why can’t I hear them speaking? I heard my sweet lovely Jesus’ voice reply back softly to me. “Daughter, my daughter, there is no need to hear, only watch this moment in time.” So, I watched as the older man says some words to the ruler man who responds angrily in his body language and he shakes his head in an emphatic “NO” and then he begins laughing.
The older man with an outstretched hand raises his left hands towards heaven and his right hand is still holding the staff towards the waters. I can tell he is praying as the other younger man beside him is doing already. Then the understanding came to me. This is Moses and Aaron his brother, from the Bible days and the ruler is Pharoah, ruler over all of Egypt.
I watched in stunned amazement as the waters from the edges inward begin turning red. They are turning into blood. It stinks. It is such a strong metal smell almost like a smell that causes my tastebuds to have the taste of iron or rust somehow. In a few minutes the entire river is blood. Pharoah immediately stopped laughing.
Then I heard thunder. I saw lightning flashing from above in the sky and then I heard a voice speak. “Speak these words. The 10 plagues of Egypt have returned. This is the first, it is to be the same as before, but different as I turn the waters of the wicked hearts into blood”. Then the scene changes.
Next Scene:
I find myself in what looks like an underground sewer system. I watched and I saw two men as they installed something into the systems that controls the piping network in other systems. I feel evil. Suddenly I am seeing at the same time on a movie screen various locations across the world having people doing the same thing simultaneously or at least in this dream I am being told and shown it at the same time. The strange thing is that it looks like squares upon squares of multiple pictures, one right on top of each other, of these workers in various sewer type places. But there is more.
They are also inside the water systems and when I focus on one square at a time instead of altogether as a whole picture, I zoomed up close so I could see more of each location. I saw one that says Rome, Italy, with the picture of men working in this case the waterway system underground. As I studied the picture it begins moving like a motion picture movie. Jesus! What is this, I asked? But no answer came.
As the picture is zoomed up, I see many different locations. Some say “water purification system” while other say “water infiltration” or “sewer systems”. I saw London, England, Paris, France, Scotland, Africa, United States, New Zealand, North Korea, China and so, so, so many more. What is going on Jesus, I heard myself asking out loud?
This time I heard His sweet voice reply “Man has tried to play God; he has manipulated that which I have given freely to the world. Your waterways, water supplies, and your waste systems have been tampered with, by those who wish to bring the new, one world, one money, one church system upon your world. Inserted into many of these types of systems is what your world calls the man-made covid 19 virus and others.
The evil people behind this, will then at the time, when further outbreaking were needed to keep their fear alive, the population reduced to aid in the Antichrist rise to power, release this virus into the waterways and systems causing the death and sicknesses of many people and driving many to take the evil manmade covid 19 vaccine, which I have shown you in prior dreams and talks of how in reality it is no vaccine at all, but when introduced into a body it changes and manipulates the persons DNA of all who takes it. This will then cause the body to be changed in what if the person were to receive the 666, the mark of antichrist, their body would in no wise reject it.”
Yes, I remember my sweet lovely Jesus. I also remember after all the boosters in the devil’s mark, antichrist’s mark, when they take it, the body will then also mutate further into something no longer human. “You are correct, little one.”
Okay, but then why am I seeing all of this? What about Christians when they take this covid vaccine and its negative effects on their body? “I am still the healer daughter.” Then why am I seeing all this? “Because little daughter of Faith there’s more hidden inside this virus than most realize”
I don’t understand Jesus. “You will my daughter of faith.” Jesus my love, how can a man-made virus have so many things inside it? “Daughter it is because the covid 19 virus is a virus, but it is not!” How so Jesus, how so? “When inside a body, it gives the appearances of a virus, but it isn’t. The serpent’s bite is inside this covid 19 virus that destroys the body in many ways with as many things that are piggybacking and hiding inside these manmade fake illnesses and their fake cures.”
So how does this cause the water to turn into blood? “I shall use evil men and women’s technology and scientific advancements against them. I shall cause a mutation variant unknown to them, as to react to each environment of each system they have tampered with.” Jesus, how many is that going to be? “Daughter, my little one, it will cover your whole world.” Oh no Jesus! For how long?
“Until I allow them to change the waters that’s blood pure once again. Just as I allowed the magicians of Pharaoh’s days when Moses and Aaron stood before him to turn water into blood also.” Jesus does this include the ponds, streams, lakes and other bodies of waters that are separate from these systems? Will it be all water that is turned into blood?
“Not all, but most. What water sources that are found on the location of the water if owned by my true children, those found to be living Godly and they reside on that piece of property, then no, it will not be turned into blood. My Children shall drink freely for I shall take care of mine.”
I’m thankful and grateful for this Jesus, for these promises, but what about the people who don’t own the property or are in cities on the city water supply? “Daughter, the water shall be blood for all who are not truly living fully for me. This will show all who are truly mine.” Then how does this work Jesus, please help me to understand because you are talking about the whole entire world. “My lovely daughter, whether it be one house, or the world, it does not matter. I control all things and my hand is not too short to reach the world by one command, one decree from heavens courts.”
Forgive me Jesus. “Daughter if the water system in the city or water supply is turned to blood upon entering my true children’s home, then those inside when using the water, it shall become crystal clear, clean, and fresh. But if an unsaved or backslidden person tries to draw out of the water supply, whether it be a faucet or such things as a pond, creek, stream, or river, then to them it will become blood.”
What would keep the military and government forces from coming and taking over the clean water supplies? Oh, and what about the oceans? “The ocean water shall remain clear, but once it is drawn out and purified removing the salt content to make it drinkable, it will turn immediately into blood for those unsaved or found in a lukewarm, or cold, backslidden condition.”
I am trying to comprehend all and I am hearing while watching in the dream, all the activity displayed before me like a theater movie screen and I feel I am starting to become a little bit overwhelmed. Immediately I felt a light touch of a hand upon my left shoulder. I hear my lovely Jesus say, “Peace daughter.” I calm down instantly and turn to see my lovely Jesus standing in all His regal glory. But this time He has dark brown hair with a look of chestnut hues in it, from what I can see of it.
His head is actually covered by a hood of lightweight material attached to a lightweight overcoat in a solid palest of beige colors. He has a beard and a mustache and His eyes, His eyes, although blue in color, still had flames. And His look of love pierces into my heart, my very soul. Jesus, my love, I gasp out loud involuntarily, then I realize also that I am no longer just an observer in this dream, but I can see my full self. I am, as I am in reality.
He looked at me with great tender love and this left me momentarily speechless. “Little daughter,” He said with a tender smile “You are my child. Give no place to the devil! If starting to feel overwhelmed, then rebuke him, send him away in my Holy name and run to me. I am here my daughter. These things are coming and you mustn’t try to analyze or figure out the how it’s possible, and trust me and my words and know it shall be done. Ask your questions, yes daughter, always, but doubts and unbelief do not entertain your mind and thoughts for they are sin and lead to further sin.” I understand Jesus, thank you for reminding me of this. “You’re welcome little one.”
Okay Jesus, I understand now about the water, what happens if someone asks a Christian, a true child of yours, to give them water to drink, does it still stay blood, or can I pray over it and it remain clean for them? “Daughter, this judgement is for the unrepentant and backslidden of mine. For the time allotted they shall have no clean water, but blood! Blood instead of water is their lot, their judgement!”
How long will it be, Jesus, how long? “Until my daughter, I say it’s enough and your world governments and militaries are allowed to turn the blood back into water. This is the 1st plague of 10, that are coming swiftly upon your world.” What must I do, Jesus? “You must warn daughter. Give the warning and cry loud.”
But who shall believe me Jesus my love? I am nobody. “There are those my daughter who will recognize my words of truth that I have placed within you. They will listen, they will heed. And for those who didn’t, many will, once the water has been turned into blood. While others will not, as the governments and militaries will lay claim to the occurrence of happening by ways of many things, including the cry of “It’s climate change that’s the main culprit!”
Lord Jesus, I understand how the water supplies and various systems can become effected and the water changed to blood, but how do the bodies of water that are not connected to those systems become blood? How do they become mutated? “Watch, daughter,” and He pointed back to the large movie type screen floating suspended in the air of nothingness.
I watched as the scene on the picture screen changes again to various places, but this time the places displayed showing various pictures of ponds, creeks, rivers and lakes. I noticed airplanes and different types of air vehicles and I say “vehicles” because I also see small blimps and balloons carrying containers and I see the word “payload” on every vehicle. I understood that this means the coronavirus, the covid 19 the cocktail of evil, is being placed inside the waters.
I watched as in various ways the payloads are dropped into water supplies and as I am watching I gain understanding of how rain, flooding and even melting snow causes this fake killer man-made virus, that is a virus but at the same time is not, to be spread to water sources everywhere, including underground water sources that can also include drinking wells. Jesus, my love, will all the water that has been turned into blood be turned back into water? What about pre-bottled water Jesus? Will it all turn to blood too? “Yes, daughter, yes.”
“The mutagens found in the water supplies will also be located inside each bottle of water, except for what my true children possesses, but if one of these bottles is given to an unsaved or backslidden child of mine, the bottle shall remain crystal clear until the moment the bottle is opened and the air contact causes it to change swiftly into blood.”
Will the bottled water that has been turned into blood in stores and in unbeliever’s homes, remain as blood? Or will it change back after they are allowed to change it back from blood to water? “It will remain as blood and be discarded, adding to the already shortages. But Daughter, if I can change water into wine, I can certainly turn it into blood, or vice versa. This will add to the famine already you see in your world.” I understand Jesus.
Jesus, my love, what else is in this virus and its fake vaccine for you have told me of many, many things hidden inside of the vaccine, including the Marburg sickness, which will be loosed inside the body after a signal is given, that will cause this epidemic sized outbreak, plus the other pestilence you have been telling me about lately that is different than this Marburg and the leprosy-type flesh-eating disease illness?
“That my daughter, is for another time. You must sound the warning cry my love, so that my children do not fear when I strike these plagues upon your world. These plagues of Egypt. My children must be ready and prepared in heart, to explain what has occurred and to lead people back to me, Jesus their Savior. My daughter, all will know by these plagues, who is really mine and who is not. If a sinner repents or a backslider returns to me before the water has been restored from blood to normal, then they too shall be able to drink of the clean water freely, for I am the water of life, the living waters. A dividing of the goats from the sheep will be evident to the natural eye and when I return this division shall be spiritual. I send this warning of what is to come out of love.”
Then I woke abruptly from this dream. I sat in my bed praying and pondering all that I had dream. But still my heart is heavy and grieved. This is the 1st of 10 plagues to come swiftly upon our world, as well as all the other things still yet to come. Now I am understanding more Jesus my love, why you have been telling me to buckle up in you and never unlock it, once it’s locked into place. Help us Jesus, please help us.
The versus He gave me:
Exodus 7 Chapter 7:14-25
Exodus Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10 and Chapter 11:1-30
Ecclesiastes 3:14-17
Isaiah 59:1-2
John 14:26
John 4:10-14
Matthew 25:31-34
Psalm 24:1

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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