Russia-NATO confrontation: Russia’s “Directive 135” in force frightens the West – We have entered the final stage of the conflict – WarNews247..

There is new information about the hasty visit of the President of Russia, V. Putin, to the Kremlin a few days ago. According to sources, a “space object” was launched two hours after Putin’s arrival in the Kremlin at 23.00 Moscow local time on Saturday.

According to the same sources, this is not a satellite but rather “some kind of weapon” related to the implementation of “Directive 135” and the final battle between NATO and Russia.

What happens to “Directive 135”

“Directive 135” was republished by Chinese analysts in connection with a NATO-Russia war.

“There is a mystery surrounding this directive. NATO countries have not been able to decipher the message regarding “Directive 135 ″ on a secret Russian radio wave” , the Chinese report. And they add:

” The Russian station, known as UVB-76, has been on the minds of NATO experts for half a century, but they still cannot decipher the text that is being broadcast. The station emits at a frequency of 4625 kHz and transmits fast, monotonous, repetitive signals around the clock at a rate of about 25 tons per minute.

“If you tune the recorder to 4625 kilohertz, you will hear very strange sounds,” say Chinese journalists

Sometimes short phrases such as “Debut Officer of the Service Communication Center”, “Uspenskaya”. Received a control call from Nadezhda. Understandable ” .

It has been broadcasting since 1970!

The exact start date of the show is unknown, but the radio station began broadcasting strange messages in the 1970s. Since then, many experts have been trying to unravel the messages and wondering about the purpose of UVB-76, but in vain.

“In fact, in the days of the Cold War, many countries learned about the mysterious UVB-76 station. At that time, everyone thought he was the secret code of Russia, so they watched him every day, hoping to solve some mysteries with him. “The United States has been particularly concerned about this,” said Chinese analysts.

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The Tribulation is commencing..

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