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A woman camping with friends near a beach in Egypt has made a gruesome find 12km from the water’s edge while on a walk.

A woman exploring a beach in Egypt has made a gruesome discovery on the sand, after stumbling across the remains of a creature that she described as looking like “an orc from Lord of the Rings”.

Andrea Jud, 39, discovered the corpse of the creature, baring its teeth and without eyes, while exploring a beach at Gabr el-Bint on the Sinai Peninsula.

Speaking of the discovery, Ms Jud said it reminded her of a monster from a movie.

“I didn’t touch it. Just looking at it made me feel uneasy,” she said.

“It freaked me out. It looked like a Lord of the Rings orc.”

Adding to the mystery was the creature’s location – with Ms Jud estimating it was 12 metres inland, beyond the reach of the waves

“I was camping with a bunch of friends, we had hiked to the location along the coast from Dahab,” she explained.

“I saw it early in the morning when I was walking back from the shore.

“It looked really dead – the skin was dry and dark grey and patchy. It has a distinctive head, with an open mouth showing sharp teeth.

“There was an opening further back on the head where one would suspect the ears, but it might have been the gills.”

Ms Jud said she was “surprised” by how big the creature was, with the head being bigger than her fist.

“It was gruesome to look at, and reminded me of the reality of death,” she said.

“My initial impression was that it was a being who suffered a rather horrible death. I couldn’t figure out what kind of creature it was.”

Looking for answers, the Swiss development consultant shared her photos with a marine identification group on Facebook.

The answers were imaginative, to say the least.

“Baby Loch Ness monster,” said one person.

“Voldemort, I think,” said another, referring to the villainous Harry Potter character.

Others suggested it was a mermaid, a “demogorgon” – the monster from the Netflix series, Stranger Things – or more simply “the stuff of nightmares”.

But others thought that the jaws-within-jaws offered a clue.

Moray eels have a second set of jaws within their throat – and when a fish is caught within the main jaws – this second set launches forwards, dragging the prey back to be swallowed.

If it is a moray, the harsh Egyptian sun might have scorched it beyond easy recognition.

In any case, how the creature died – and how it ended up so far beyond the surf – remains a mystery.

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