EMERGENCY – Colossal deal: Israeli radars in UAE-S.Arabia along with top secret weapon system – NATO bases in Turkey are counting down – WarNews247 (The Ten Horns of Daniel)


A colossal strategic defense agreement is expected to be announced during Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia on July 13-16. The deal has two prongs and will cause a “geopolitical earthquake” in the Middle East as it signals normalization of relations leading to “Arab NATO”

The condition is that the US and J.Biden give the green light in order to give top secret technology to Saudi Arabia. A similar agreement will be announced with the UAE, while a third agreement with Egypt and again Saudi Arabia follows.

Now the corresponding NATO bases in Turkey count backwards.

Israeli radars in the United Arab Emirates

Israeli radars along with other aircraft tracking systems will form part of the regional defense network Israel is trying to build with the US and its Gulf allies against Iran.

“Israeli radars will be deployed in the United Arab Emirates to detect Iranian missiles and drones,” Israeli media revealed.

According to information, Israeli Officials-“liaisons” will be placed on these bases who will have direct access to the information and the “image” of the area.

The goal is to build an integrated air defense shield in the Middle East, one that would link radars, satellites and other sensors between countries in the region. Israeli radars in the UAE will therefore be interfaced with existing radars and systems or transferred to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has bought up to 22 Patriot arrays, according to a US official, and is in the process of acquiring Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, another US anti-missile system known as THAAD.

Israel: Gives top secret weapon to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Israel will push for a “huge” defense deal with Saudi Arabia during US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region this month, Israeli media reported.

Specifically, Israel is seeking US approval to sell a top-secret system to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Israel will seek US President Joe Biden ‘s permission to sell the Iron Beam system to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Israeli media reported, adding:

Israel wants to sell laser technology to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but is waiting for Biden’s visit to approve the sale.”

SELAH PETRA: They Call It The ‘DEFEND Act’, And It’s A 10-Nation Confederacy In The Middle East To Protect Israel From A Nuclear Attack From Iran • Now The End Begins (Sue Keith Ministries)

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