‘We will never be fully vaccinated against COVID’: Canadians may be required to get booster shot every 9 months – Fortune


As masks, travel restrictions, and COVID testing fade into the past, one aspect of the pandemic may stick around for quite some time: vaccines.

Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said Canadians may soon be required to get a booster shot every nine months for the foreseeable future to protect against new variants of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaking to reporters, Duclos said Canadians who got a shot last summer are no longer “up to date,” and should now roll up their sleeves for another booster.

“The virus evolves and Omicron made us aware we will never be fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” Duclos continued, adding that as our immunity evolves, “we have to maintain our vaccinations up to date.”

According to local media Toronto Sun, when Duclos was asked if there would be a return of a vaccine mandate for boosters in the fall, he didn’t dismiss the idea, replying, “We must continue to fight against COVID.”

“We want to be prepared for next fall, and that requires an up-to-date vaccination which is based on the nine months,” he added.

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