Hal Turner Radio Show – Nordstream 1 Pipeline Shut Down (For Maintenance) – Fears it will not re-open


Russia shut down all natural gas flows to Europe today as it brought down the NordStream One pipeline . . . for maintenance. This is a scheduled outage set to last for ten days until July 21. The FEAR in Europe is that Moscow will not re-open the pipeline due to economic sanctions over the Ukraine Special Military Operation.

As European countries find themselves without inbound natural gas, they are relying upon stored gas in tanks to keep power plants running and industry operating. But at this time of year, the amount of natural gas in storage is not what it has to be for the Winter months when gas usage soars for heating, and so the stored supply can only last maybe a month or two.

If Russia does NOT turn the NordStream One pipeline back on, then Europe will run out of natural gas at varying stages, depending upon the country involved.

In anticipation of Russia NOT turning the gas back on, Germany is in what they call “Stage Two” natural gas emergency. They are limiting how long people can take showers (hot water), dimming street lights to reduce electricity demand and warning the public that natural gas may be completely cut off.

If the gas flow does not resume, the economy in Europe will collapse. Large manufcturers will not have natural gas to keep their manufacturing in operation; power plants will not have sufficient gas to generate electrical power and from that, everything collapses into shutdown.

If the economy in Europe shuts down, about two weeks later the economy in the USA begins shutting down for lack of parts and raw materials from Europe. IF the US shuts down, most of the civilized world goes down with us.

We are just weeks away from an economic catastrophe that would make the Great Depression look like child’s play.

Folks would do well to prepare with stocks of food, water, medicine and perhaps a way to generate electricity to keep food in the refrigerator from spoiling. A small generator with several gasoline cans filled to power it a few hours a day is essential.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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