Is a global crisis starting? – Russia: “We are on the brink of direct armed conflict with the US” – Russian base destroyed by HIMARS – 7 dead, 40 injured (vid) – WarNews247

A warning of “immediate armed conflict with the US and its allies” was addressed by Russia after the powerful blow received at Novaya Kakhovka by the MLRS HIMARS with coordinates given, according to the Russians, by an American satellite.

The mood is heavy in Moscow as the Ukrainians now often strike with HIMARS in Kherson, Lugansk and Donetsk. The Russians claim they are striking civilians and deep within cities with the apparent intention of terrorizing the population.

The Russians themselves are talking about a major disaster in the region. In addition to the Russian base which was destroyed, there are seven dead, 40 injured and many civilians trapped under the rubble, including children. There are also reports of several dead Russian soldiers and high-ranking officers.

“As a result of the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Nova Kakhovka, there are dead and dozens of wounded.

The market, hospitals and residential buildings were also damaged,” said the head of the military-civil administration.

“We are on the brink of open military confrontation”

“The United States and its allies are on the brink of an open military conflict with Moscow, which will be fraught with nuclear tensions,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said today after the Kherson attack.

“Having escalated the Ukrainian crisis and unleashed a violent hybrid confrontation with Russia, Washington and its allies are teetering dangerously on the brink of an open military confrontation with our country, meaning immediate armed conflict between nuclear powers.

A confrontation would be fraught with nuclear escalation,” the statement said.

It is the first time Moscow has used such rhetoric.

Zakharova also criticized Japan’s efforts to label Russia as a country making nuclear threats.

“It is unacceptable to try to distort the logic of deterrence, on which Russia’s official statements on nuclear issues are based, for propaganda purposes, as well as to portray us as a country threatening to use nuclear weapons,” he stressed.

“We have taken into account the recent anti-Russian statements of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, including his controversial statements on the issue of nuclear weapons. Its focus and tone is confusing. In particular, in order to justify the move to choose Hiroshima as the host city during the G7 summit, a remark was made that there was no better alternative than that city in a situation where “Russia’s use of nuclear weapons and nuclear threats are reality” , the statement added.

American satellite targeted Nova Kakhovka

“Kyiv received coordinates for the US MLRS HIMARS strikes on the territory of the Kherson region from the United States. Three days before the strike, the Novaya Kakhovka area had been scanned by the American Worldview-2 satellite,” Russian media reported.

The Tribulation is commencing…

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